My Wife First Squirt

I always wanted to make my wife squirt.

It is important to set the mood right. We were exchanging sexy sms the whole day, building up our anticipation of what was to come at night.

I bought a bottle of baby oil, quite essential. After coming home, I ******** my wife naked, then asked her to lie face down on the bed. I started to give her a whole body massage. Make sure she is relaxed, happy and horny. Touch her everywhere first and make her really high. 

Then we moved on to a vagina massage. It is basically just rubbing the lips and clitoris, over and over again, using different levels of pressure. 

Then one finger in with the come hither motion. At this point, my wife was already squirming and moaning in pleasure. With one finger, keep repeating the come hither motion and rub the wall of her vagina, harder and harder.

I then inserted my second finger inside. She was so high that she did not even notice me putting the second finger inside. But I made sure she is really wet before putting the second finger, otherwise it might be painful for her.

Now I really use all my force on the come hither action, until I started to feel my wrist and arm tire. This can be pretty good excercise :) At this point, my wife was seriously moaning and groaning loudly. I was also having a major hard on looking at my gorgeous wife.

A few more thrust later.... BOOM!!!! She started squirting and squirting and squirting....

It was an absolutely amazing sight. My wife, lying there, just squirted, bed wet, her body glowing with pleasure...

I am so looking forward to do it again. Yeah!!

I love my wife so much!!!

From my wife:

I hate my husband always made me super high

Her ***** right after squirting

My wife splayed on the bed, totally exhaused after squirting

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3 Responses Jun 10, 2010

Great pic. Legs wide apart! Love it, add me

a wonderful desc<x>riptive erotic event.

Thanks! Looking forward to more and more great experiences!