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My Wife Squirts In My Mouth For The First Time, and now a second time!!

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  My wife in the past couple of months has not only began to understand the feelings that leads to her squirting,  but she can now somewhat control it.  So, about two weeks ago we are vacationing at the beach and my wife and I are having a very hot and intense session of *******.  She is on her back.  I have worked her up into quite a frenzy with a combination of clitoral stimulation, alternated with penetration of my ****. As I am ******* her hard, she tells me, "I need you to suck me now".  I was very happy to oblige her in that request and immediately dove for her very hard ****, licking and flicking my tongue over it and then sucking her lips and **** into my mouth.  It was at this point that she let loose with her first stream. She starts gushing into my mouth.  I am licking and swallowing her ***.  I actually have to swallow 3 or 4 times just to get it all.  It was hot, thin liquid with very little taste.  I look up at her while she is *******, my eyes wide, somewhat telling the story as she gushes into my mouth.  As she finishes, I climb back on top of her, plunging my **** back into her ***** to continue our wild *******. I whisper in her ear, "my god, that was so fffing hot.  I can't believe you just came in my mouth like that.  Do you have more for me?"  She signals yes to me and I dive back down for another round.  She again lets loose with a flood, just as much as the first time if not more!!  I drink and swallow all of it a second time.  Probably 3 or 4 mouthfuls again.  There was so much from both squirts, my belly feels as if I have just downed a whole bottle of water in the span of 30 seconds. After the second squirt, I climb back on top again, telling my wife how hot that was that she had *** in my mouth.  I keep ******* her hard, stopping and pulling my **** out just before I *** completely, *** oozes from her ***** and I greedily lick it up before I plunge back in her hard erupting in a full blown ******.  We lay there spent and amazed.  I whisper to her, "Wow, that was quite intense.  I can't believe you came so much?"  There is only a small wet spot on the bed from our crazy session.  This is quite amazing in itself because she usually floods the bed. 
The images of her ******* in my mouth and  of me licking the oozing *** from her ***** continually pop into my head for next couple of days, bringing a happy smile to my face every time I look at my precious wife. :)

I love you, Blondie!!!!

on edit:
This weekend was our first "Meet-n-Greet".  For anyone not following our progress, I gave my wife a letter a couple of months back telling her how I wanted to share her with other men and how horny I got just thinking about it.  Well, fast forward to this weekend, and her and I went on our first "Date" to meet a prospective gentlemen for our first *********. His name is Joe, he is a handsome Latino man, 32 years old, ex-marine, tall, dark and handsome.  Needless to say, my wife is very attracted to him and told me when we got home Saturday afternoon that she thought he was even better looking in person.
We are laying on our bed discussing how the meeting went when I start kissing my wife and whispering in her ear how I couldn't wait to see her make love to him.  She starts moaning as I caress her beautiful **** and rub her ***** on the outside of her pants.  She is still fully clothed but I unbuckle her belt and open the fly to the pants she is wearing.  I slide my hand down inside her panties to find her ***** already very wet from the brief amount of foreplay we have had.  My wife is very turned on and I asked her if she was thinking of Joe?  She says, "Yes, a little."  I start playing with her **** whispering in her ear how I can't wait to see her with him.  I give her intimate details of him running his hands all over her body, licking her ***** and kissing her *******.  This only goes on for about 2-3 minutes and my wife starts *******. She looks at me with wide eyes and says, "I'm ******* a lot! It's just flooding out of me!" I put my hand lower down inside her panties and can feel warm fluid rushing out of her ***** and soaking my hand and her ***.  I pull it out to show her.  She is amazed my entire hand is completely covered in her ***.  I tell her, " I have to kiss you.  I want to taste your ***."  I literally tear her pants off of her and start going down on her licking her ***** and *** inside and out.  I ask her again, "Is that all there is?  Can you *** some more?"  Next thing I know, she starts flooding my face with more ***.  It is just like the first time she came in my mouth.  I am swallowing hard and fast, gulping her liquid down.  I pull my mouth away to look.  I want to see what it looks like, whether she will squirt.  What I see is clear liquid pulsing out of her *****, flooding her lips and ***** hole.  I bury my face back into her pink wetness, lapping up every drop.  She continues to *** more and more until my belly is again full with her delicious ***.  When she is finally done, I am so hot and hard from this excitement I plunge my bulging **** deep into her depths.  We **** hard and fast for about five minutes.  I am now whispering in her ear how I can't wait to see her *** on her lovers **** like that so I can lick it up.  I tell her how I want to lick is **** all covered in her hot, warm ***,  I finally erupt with a huge load of *** deep in her ***** as she grabs my *** cheeks pulling me as deep as she can get me.  We finally catch our breath and roll apart.  My wife is amazed at what just happened.  Though she has gushed/squirted before she has never done it so easily or just from me fingering her ****.  It has always followed penetration of some sort.  We talk about what just happened and she is all excited and can't wait to tell Joe how hot she was for him and how much she had *** thinking about him.  Unfortunately, he is out of town this weekend so we have yet relay this story to him.  We sure hope he enjoys it as much as we did :)
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Awesome for you ! i love squirters too. an ex gf became a squirter with me. and only me . i loved to have her squirt all over my hand or face. but i loved it best when she squirted all over my **** ! cheers to you and your sexy hot wife !

I am just like your wife, and my husband enjoys it just like you do!

What a woman!

Squirting or gushing for my wife has become a very regular event now. Sometimes all it takes is for me to simply finger her and whisper naughty ideas into her head. Other times, like this weekend, I was ******* her hard and deep and she came all over my ****, drenching it and my balls. She **** in my mouth quite regular also and did so twice in the past week. She was so amazed how much she came this Saturday night that she still wonders if she is peeing. I have to reassure her that it is not. It is a very sweet musky smell and taste. I just love her smell after we are done and I am completely covered in her ***. The aroma is heaven :)

Amazing story! I think all women would be able to squirt if they cleared their minds of stress and distractions. Many are too self concious to just let go, or perhaps maybe even feel too much pressure to squirt...I seem to recall somewhere that sex is like 75% mental and 25% physical( the numbers might be off, but you get my point)!

Absolutely amazing!

Wow, three t four mouthfuls per pop thats fantastic, you folks are making me thirsty.

Hey breezeway my mouth is open just let loose babe!!

Showoff-<br />
The key here is that you need to just relax and not worry about having to pee. All women have that sensation before they squirt. If you tried to pee, you probably couldn't. Just relax and let it happen. It is definitely not urine. It has a sweet musky taste and smell. And don't be surprise at the amount. My wife can *** a lot!! If I had to guess, I would say 8-12 ounces sometimes!!

Amazing story. . .I would love to have someone so willing to accept a mouth full of ***. . .love to squirt. . .

Funny. I just converted Casablanca to H.264 to play on my Ipad and played it at the office. You know there are people who have not heard of Casablanca! ?! The world is smaller, yet people are farther apart!

"I'm shocked, shocked to find out that there is gambling going on in here."<br />
Sorry, couldn't resist!

Great imagery. Our desires, although not all the same, appear very similar.<br />
<br />
My wife has become more and more orgasmic as she gets older. She now considers herself deprived if she is not constantly moist between *****. Keeps me busy. In fact, I joined EP for the very purpose of increasing her enjoyment. Of course, I do get fringe benefits ;)<br />
<br />
"Here's looking at you kid"

great story keep the flow going