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Yeah Lets Squirt Together

I love women who squirt because I am one of them....hell I love it when a guy is eating my ***** and I ***....I just squirt in his mouth and all over his face....some guys try to swallow it all but it is pretty near impossible...I have had women squirt on me and in my mouth it is ******* fantastic...I love the taste ... and the intensity of the ****** is awesome for both people...if you haven't had the experience cumm eat my ***** and *** and I will definitely squirt for you
tonguemyass tonguemyass 18-21, F 30 Responses Jun 12, 2011

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would love to be squirted in my mouth!

just put your mouth on my *****

Would love that, lick you untill you squirt then swallow all your juices!

It sure does my ****be about to bust out of my pants. I have a lot of meat and I love it

well why don\'t ya share it

I love it when a woman squirt. My **** be so hard

It is getting so deep around here I need hip waders and a life jacket.

is that like wearing suspenders and a belt to hold up your pants....

Yeah, so I don`t drown in all the **** that is piling up.

Some uys around here are so full of s...t their eyes are brown.

Yeah squirting ***** like you are a treasure baby girl

Of course, I've been making girls squirt since before you wer born. I remember visiting this black ***** once. She had an awesome *****. She kept wanting me to climb up and **** her. I told her that I was going to keep eating black ***** until she had ***. Well she finally relaxed and started enjoying it. I knew she was getting close because she was starting to breathe really hard then suddenly my mouth was full and overflowing. Wow! I had thought squirting was a myth.

As we were relaxing before my *******, she asked me if I was bi. Why do you ask? She told me that cocksuckers make the best ***** eaters. I just laughed because I certainly am.

Thanks Outcast. Your comment reminded me. LOL

I love you Grandpa Griz

that's wonderful

i wish to cover with your squirt and not take a shower for 1-2 days

it would be up to would just walk around smelling like a *****

Great story ! My gf also squirts when she ****. I try to swallow as much as I can but there's way to much ! We'd love lick your *** and ***** ! It would be awesome to have both of you squirt on me at the same time !! Happy squirting !!!

we would drown you lol

A delicious way to drown !!

Mmmmmmm I would love to taste you squirting in my mouth,,,,,,,all over my face,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I would love to do it

I wish u were here now! I'm thirsty

Can I get a taste?

sure just cover my ***** with your mouth

Wow sounds great, to love to have the joy with you mmmmmmmmmmm love all sex mmmmmmmm

me too

I want to join in the fun. I will drink it all up. When can I get a taste?

I want to see you squirt in my face so bad.

Put it where it belongs ..... between my legs

I will make you a bet that you can't gush more ***** juice then i can swallow??? I love it that much that i want it all in my mouth!!

I have never met any one yet who can swallow all the ***** juice that squirts out my hot little hole

Hmmmm but you haven't met me yet, have you ? So thirsty :)

haven't met me yet either! ;-)

All you have to do is lay back open those legs up and let me take care of the rest!! Will not lose a drop and just keep it cuming!!

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W O W !! That's what I'm dreaming, a woman (or even better young girl) that squirts and loves to squirt. It would be great if you squirt on me, my mouth eating your ***** licking your **** and sucking your love juice as strong as I can and when I feel that you will *** holding my big mouth open under your squirting ***** swallowing every drop of your ***. And if it's not possible for me to swallow all then I would LOVE to get the rest in a cup or bottle so I can drink it.

Open wide and keep the cup ready....I feel a big squirt *******

Hold my mouth wide open to swallow ALL your hot squirting ***, I hope that I don't need the cup

OMG !! What do you taste like ?? Pure amber nectar I'll bet. Would love you to *** all over me. I'de hungrily lap it all up and then bottle what i couldn't drink for later. Come on flood me you sexy thang :)

mmmm thanks I do taste great. Your as kinky as I am. I like that. Bring your bottle.

i would love to eat your *** and have your ***** squirt in my mouth, anything else?

I always wished I had a girlfriend like you. There is nothing better than the taste of a woman. It would be so nice if you *** over me so I can taste and smell you all the better. The thought of having your *** on me it such a huge turn on. It would be great to be soaked in it.

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play.

Lap it up you dog

I would want you to be riding my **** and when you were about to squirt to get off me and squat over my mouth and let loose in my open mouth with all your squirt juice! then kiss me for some of it!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm you want to have me squat over your face and have you look up into my ***** as my love juices squirt out and into your mouth

you are not alone! :D

llove it and i would love a girl like last gf was a squirter and a multiple squirter . iloved evrytime she came. i would tell her to *** on my face regardless of how we were having sex. it was great. my wife has squirted a few times but i am working with her on that. my gf was the first squirter i had and it waqs awesome

I love that I squirt...sometimes guys can't handle it ...especially if I squirt in their mouth

those must have been the wrong sorta guy. I can't think of much I'd rather have! It's like the ultimate reward for a job well done.

I taste ****** awesome...I know I have tasted me many times

i bet u do taste awesome i would swallow every drop i could and if i could not then i would try to catch what i could not swallow in a glass so i could drink it...i would love for u to *** in my mouth and on my face

Wow that would b so sexy wish u would squirt in my mouth

oooh God I love that! A squirting ***** is soo much fun! Would love to be your friend and write with ya about that!

i would def like to try and swallow it as i licked your *** and *****!

i`d love to be licking you when you squirt i wouldn`t waste a drop xxx

Then you had better have you mouth completely over my ***** and be prepared to swallow

A rare thing in one so young

I just love the feeling of an ******.

I'll bet you do!!!

You win the bet.

I'll be right over

Door's open

**** your just to good to be true squirting, i love women who squirt i crave it every time i go down on woman and you swallow *** as well, were do you live i am coming to see you

I live right*** and get me

Very naughty girl i will resort to looking at your pics and have my **** in my hand stroking it and splash some water in my face and fantasize about you squirting on me