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How I Love to Make You Squirt

My hands cup your breasts.  I press on them, closing my hands around your milk makers.  I would let my hands ride up to your tips.  My fingers grab your nipples lightly brushing them, only to cup you again; I start over.

You feel me start to suck your earlobe.  While I softly massage your breasts.  I’m feeling if your nipples have begun to stand erect to my touch.

Feeling your nipples hardening, I turn you over to face me. I kiss your mouth with hard passion, then to your cheek. My hands squeeze your breasts over and over with every kiss I make. My kisses move down your neck to your shoulder.
I turn you on completely on your back and kiss down your chest.  My mouth replaces a hand that was massaging your ***. My tongue draws circles around your areola. I kiss your nipple and move to the next. I continue on doing same thing to your other nipple.

My hand gently slides down your belly. I comb my fingers over your mound. My fingers split rubbing down your **** hood folds. I pull them up. Your clitoris catches between my fingers as I rub their sides up and down.  I kiss your mouth. My tongue passionately dancing with yours as I rub you down below.

I kiss down your belly. My lips reach your mound. I move my head between your legs. My fingers spread your ***** open. My tongue licks up between your right **** fold. I don't want to touch the tip, just yet. My tounge rides up over your ****. Inlet my tongue run down the trench you **** fold makes on its left. I lick up its decide again and lick over your hood. Back down the right.  I push a finger inside your *****. My finger curls inside your gushing *****. Pressing on your upper vagina wall. I slide my finger in and out slowly.   Applying pressure on your upper wall.

My mouth covers your ****. I start to suck in it. My tongue wiggles hard over it. My lips clamping around you.

I push a second fInger inside your *****. I push it deeply inside you. While my tongue wiggles hard on your clitoris.  My 2 fingers press up inside you. Looking for your g spot. I look up to watch you, seeing how you will react with every touch my fingers make inside of your penetrated *****.  When you react with complete pleasure I keep my fingers there. I rub hard there as my tongue batters your **** button.

I press up on your wall. The pressure inside of you becomes to much. I say, "push out sweetie. Push it out." I move back to beating your ****.

You comply. And try to force fingers out of your ***** with a push.
I can sense you’re close to ******. You push more. Sudden pressure builds more. You *** hard. A glisten of liquids sports out of you. You *** harder than you ever have. Streams of wetness fly through the air, hitting my face and back.  You drench the bed like a spigot running on full.  Your body shakes as the last squirt flies out of your labia.
I smile. My face wet from your pleasure.

mcjake0001 mcjake0001 41-45, M 2 Responses Apr 28, 2012

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Being as I've never experienced a g-spot ******, this is so well written I'm comtemplating printing this off for my hubby to follow the instruction in order to achieve one! Lol! Excellently written!!! ;)

Thank you very much. I did leave out a few things. You need to be lubricated. Very lubricated. Some people use grape seed oil or a very good lube.

Good to know! Thank you for that tidbit! Can never have too much lube! Lol! ;)

wow.... I'd say you have got your technique down to a science ;) keep up the good work, I am sure she appreciates it!