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I've looked around a little on here and I can't imagine how a man wouldn't want his gal to squirt, how he would dislike that in any way. Other than the possible need for a towel to keep the bed from getting too wet, it's a wonderful thing when your gal squirts while having an ******. To feel her tremble in your arms, to feel all that wetness all over you... where ever it may be on you... to see her delight in knowing it's okay for her to be herself with you. It's so intimate. It's so affirming. How could you not want this for yourself as a man, and how could you not want this for your gal?
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^ and @ btch2010....

Thank you. It's very affirming to hear from a woman and know that she appreciates a man who welcomes her ******* in whatever manner they may be. I encourage every woman out there to be open with her man, to let him know who they are in bed, and what they need to keep the bed a friendly place for snuggling afterwards.

I say that with the assumption that it's something many of us would prefer the intimacy of holding each other after the exhaustion of such an ******. Given such close intimacy with the awesome expression of shared trust and affection by her toward him, my feeling is that such a woman then needs and desires the comfort and joy found in the mutual affection discovered in a warm spooning and snuggling by an understanding and accepting man.

Unless it's just some one time things for the both of them. But my thoughts tend toward what I have found to be real in life, and how a woman tend to be far more open with herself sexually when she is with a man she knows is true to her and she trusts.

But then, maybe I'm wrong. My $0.02.

Anyway, I suspect there are many women who hold back, afraid to be themselves with the man they have discovered. Afraid to let themselves go. Afraid of how he might react.

All I can say is know the man you are with. Know how open he is to you, your sexuality, and understand how he is in return. Once you do, it's an open field for you to discover, and a true joy for the right man that you have found.

Carry on to all. My best to everyone here in their search for who they hope to discover. Wish me well too.

I don't know why a guy wouldn't want us females to squirt. It is truly amazing thing to see and experience. Only thing is you need a towel under her to protect the bed. been there done that and had a nice wet patch, but hey I wasn't complaining!