She Was Ashamed

I dated a girl named Danny after having sex a few times she all of a sudden became a geyser. The first time this happened she almost broke down crying with embarrassment. I held her and comforted her telling her how nice it was and how sexy it made her.As time went on she started squirting every time we had sex and became very comfortable with it, to the point she would squirt from me fingering her. (it happened once in a theater.) I liked it the most when she would squirt while I was having oral sex with her. I loved how it would flood my mouth and face. The thought of it makes me very excited. I have been with other woman that squirted but not the shear volume of Danny, I miss her.
greyvice greyvice 51-55, M 4 Responses May 11, 2012

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I did it once and it was embarrassing, it never happened again.

That I find incredibly sad. I hope you have fond someone to help you feel more secure in you sexual appetites.

It was weird. I remember I was in a drought and finally got some, that's when it happened. Maybe I need to be celibate for a while! Lol

I know that feeling. I f we could only change things we messed up.

I wish you and I could get together long. I love a squirter beyond belief.

why the **** did you give her up

You win some you lose some.