I Love That I Make My Wife Squirt…..(With Pics)

So I was trying for a short period of time (a week or so) to see if I could get my wife to squirt but one of the hardest parts about getting her or any woman to squirt is getting her into the zone and relaxed willing her body to do what comes natural. Some of the other techniques are not hard to do.

Most all woman can squirt, but if their mind is not in the correct zone forget it, but once you get her to the zone and she knows how to get to that zone she can squirt again, again and again!!!!

The first time I got my wife to squirt was an awesome experience. I was eating her kitty and ******* her for about 30 to 40 min until I came and she had multiple *******, but she was extremely wet still so I brought out one of our bigger toys and was thrusting it in and out of her in a rhythmic speed and you could hear her sexy juices flowing and after she cummed again we got up and noticed that she had squirted!!!!

It was such an awesome experience, but I couldn’t make a big deal about it or she gets embarrassed and wouldn’t want to do it again…. So to talk to her afterward about it was tricky to find of how it was like for her. The one thing she said is that will probably be a once and a while experience not an every time we play experience. (We will see about that….lol)

Well we have sex about 4-7 times a week and sometimes 2-4 times in the same day, but almost every time we are in bed having sex I will get her to squirt at least once if not more than once with my ****, playing with her ****, licking her **** and fingering her, or with toys.

Sometimes my wife will squirt a little where it gets all over us but not the sheets and sometimes she squirts a lot and we soak the sheets so we would need to grab a towel from the bathroom to put down and the sheets on top of that to go to sleep and in the morning the sheets are still damp.

So lately my son has asked us a few times where the hand towel that was in the bathroom…was. So for Christmas I bought my wife and me our own embroidered towel for the messes we make all the time we have sex and the sheets get WET!!!!
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I taught my wife to squirt she loves it beyond what words can say.
Tip one water proof bed protector ..
Tip two message me for how to do details I'm happy to help.
She's a gusher it's so erotic :-)

Love when Peg squirts

my wife squirts a lot, have gone thru 3 mattresses

Pics not working

Doesnt have a picts.

unable to the pictures mate

I have been trying to squirt for years. Maybe I just don't have the right info. Anyone be able to help?

I'd love to help, but I'd have to go hands on ;)

Yes I can help taught my wife to squirt ,I created a sex monster

That is fantastic.

Recently I got my wife to squirt. She claimed she not have *******. Well you should she her now. She soaks a king size bed. When she is on top I get completely soaked from my belly button around to my butt. She must gush a dozen times when she's done. A total mess, but its great.

Lol, yeap it's friggin messy. Before my current girl friend, I had an encounter with a hot red head who gushed like I've never experienced. I loved it so much that when I got with my girl friend I made it a point to make her a gusher, now although I love the gushing especially when I'm inside her, it does get messy. Congrats!

I love it. She is very lucky you kept at it

Yes ....we have a lot of fun....

You have been added

my wife is a gusher she gushes best from me ******* her ***

That is cool

Big "joe" you are a lucky man.... On second thought "Mrs. Joey" is the lucky one.. She gets the fun...U do the work (wink) Crowbar

This is work that puts a smile and a kick in both of our steps....lol

Great story, I will have to add my squirting experience story on here when I get the free time. Like you I have had to sleep on wet sheets on several occasions

but...... I do enjoy laying on her satisfaction....lol

I have tried many times but never got my wife to relax enough so she can get in that pre squirting state. I'd LOVE to know how I can make her fell THAT relaxed she lets her go entirely and the perhaps will be able to squirt.

That is for her to let go I don't know how to teach that part.... but a rhythmic motion on her G-spot and some more techniques and her getting in the zone and she should be able to.

I really hope I can get her in the zone and make her squirt. For her a "normal" ****** is ok, even seomtimes just the good feeling before the ****** lets her kind of satisfied. I'd really LOVE to get her such strong and squirting *******.

Thank you for the information and I really try to make her feel free to let go, but I guess she can't let go entirely and thus she can't get in that state or zone where she will be ready to squirt.
I've seen several clips explaining how to make squirt, stimulating the g spot etc. b ut with no success until now.
Anyway thank you for the information.


Great story.

love a squirter

me too.....lol

id love to drink it all up when she starts squriting

Cheers to you and your sexy hot busty wife ! my gf became a squirter with me , never with any other man. i know what you mean about getting her into the "zone "! You gave her ******* and made her *** and you got her to let go of her mind and body and go with the feeling of extreme pleasure ! we put a towel down now first - easier than changing the sheets . and i know the joy of having your lover squirt all over your face and your **** ! happy new year to you and ur beautiful wife ! peter

Thanks....and I also was the first do get her to squirt also.....

Happy Nude Year to you too!!!!

You too my friend ! best of everything in 2013 !

I don't got a squirter I got a clencher when she comes she clenches on my **** like a vice and I am just average size as you can see from my pics but it feel like she is going to squeeze my **** to mush with her ***** she has broken a couple toys doing this

lol.....Just make sure your **** isn't mistaken for a toy when she clinches.....

Luckily my **** has more give then a vibrator but I have never felt a woman who squeezed harder then my wife during *******

Great story. Gotta love a squirter :-)

That I do ....and I would love her even if she didn't but it just makes it oh so much better!!!

I feel the same way about my beautiful squirter ;-)

um.... yeah..... lol... I still say its not all my mess.... you help! lol

But your part in the mess is still bigger, isn't it ?