She Squirts A Lot

My wife squirts every time we have sex and that's about every day. That's a lot of bed sheets to get washed. And she **** about 4 to 5 times a night. Have some pics of wet ***** on my profile if you want to see and going to add more. Love to swap pics . I'll add you if you have real amateur wife or girlfriend pics on your profile.
dieselmike dieselmike
41-45, M
11 Responses Sep 5, 2013

You are a very lucky man

squirters are awesome~mmmm

Being with a squirter is an amazing and erotic experience... I love it, you are a lucky man..

That is so hot! I have always fantasized about being with a women who comes and squirts! You are soooo lucky!

Well alrighty then......give me an add and lets take a look see........... positive comments always :-)

My wife is the same. She comes multiple times a night and soaks me and the bed. We both love it. Please add me

I added you. Can't wait to see your pics. FYI I got lots to share!!!

Would love to see your pics and have you check out ours!

You are very lucky she does that, even though cleaning up afterward may be a bit of a chore. Happens rarely for my wife - she has to be completely relaxed, which does not happen often enough.

Really very hot! My first wife did the same. You are a very lucky hubby!

I'm a real guy with real pics. Just a really horny real guy.

YES, I love my wife, she squirt a lot, she covers my face and I cover hers