Anyone Ever Seen This Girl?

Her name's Cytheria, or Cytherea. I've seen some of her videos and I absolutely love her. Has anyone else ever seen her?

X6rose6red6X X6rose6red6X
18-21, F
10 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Yep love her!

Absolutely love Cytheria. She is the reason that even when I get a girl to squirt its never enough :P

many times. she is wonderful

My first squirter was like Cytheria and she had not told me about it, so the first time was quite a shocker for me. She showered the room! I have not had a girl squirt like her since but have known several girls to at least gush and soak everything close. I love it when they squirt on me... for some reason the smell and taste turns me on so much.

Yes, she is absolutely amazing, do you squirt like her ? I'd be pleased to stay in contact with you so if you add me to your friends list I'd really appreciate.

She's amazing. You should also check out a girl named Tiana Lynn, I think she's retired now but the two of them have done scenes together and it's unbelievable.

She's amazing. :)

I've been able to make a couple of women squirt (when they ***) - who told me that they have never squirted before. They also said that it felt like a really intense ******. <br />
The few times that it happened, I was sucking down on their clits & fingering them very deeply at the same time.

lol, well, i'm currently expirementing. but every women has the ability to squirt. it's just a matter of making it happen.

Yes !!!! oh DAMN!!! I want her so bad. ! i just want her to play with herself in front of me til she gushes all over me and my chest and my ****.. i'd start wacking off right there and spew all over her. if there was a girl like that and i had a chance to get with her, like cytherea oh goodness. Wow! she is amazing. Do you squirt like her x6rose red???? if you do my my aren't you talented.<br />