My Wife Is A Squirter

I found out  not long after we moved in together. One night she was using her vibrator infront of me and then had this huge squirting ******. Amazed all I could say was "I didnt know girls could *** like that!". From then on she has been letting herself loose holding nothing back. I've copped it in my mouth many times going down on her and when we **** it's alway a very messy affair. Of course I love every minute of it. I hope her **** buddies appreciate it too!

nybler nybler
41-45, M
2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Wow that's messy but I'll bet you loved every second!! My wife says they are more intense too.

I've soaked through as much as 7 towels when I ride my Sybian. Squirting ******* seem to be more intense than the non-squirting variety.