Can Anyone Help Me Here?

I read somewhere recently that it's impossible to urinate during an ******. Is that really true? Because I'm almost sure I did..but I could be mistaken. Does anyone know for sure?

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interesting that most of the comments here are from "older" people. Young lovers seem to be concerned with getting gratified. Mature lovers seem to enjoy gratifying.

enjoy it. turns out guys really love this talent.

i would say you squirted

I love when a woman squirts for me. My fingertips can usually find the right spot. Milking the girlcum from a lovely woman is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Many men and women are able to urinate during sex, it just takes good concentration and lots of practice. My hubby and I are both able to do it and we've met a few people who are also able to do it. It's a lot of fun, very sexy! lol

both men and women cant urinate when engaged in sex. so you have squirted for sure.

Yes you are a squirter now, just relax and enjoy

I believe it is impossible for a man to urinate during ******, I know I have to wait a little bit afterward even if I really need to pee. It is not so hard for a woman, and when some liquid comes out it could be pee or something else or some combination. Wikipedia has a long article titled "Female ***********" you might want to read.

Well my dear, now you're a self admirer lol. As you should be hottie!

lol, thank you! that's actually kind of exciting..i've always admired women who squirt ^_^

Janice is correct, it's pretty well at least 99% for sure that you were squirting, not peeing. Some women can really send out a huge amount of spray where others have never experienced it. Consider yourself lucky and "let it flow" lol. Most men (and ladies lol) love it when a lady can squirt!<br />
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