My Wife The Exhibitionist

She had this dress that she likes to wear to special parties and clubs. It is skintight black spandex.. It is very short. Way short. It has long sleeves but cut out in the shoulders. It is also low cut that show a lot of cleavage, and the sides are cut out around the midriff.

The dress is again skintight and couldn’t reveal more had she just applied some paint to her naked body in the shape of the material.

It is very short but she usually wears panties since it tends to ride upwards when she walks and it is easy to see way up right to her honey.

We were at this club a few years ago. It is closed now but it was called “2001”. It was supposedly a gay bar not unlike “Connections” in Perth Australia. But there were generally more straights than gays there because 1) it was trendy and 2) it was one wild-*** spot where anything went, and 3) you could meet anyone you liked, male, female, both, trans, or uncertain.

We always went as a couple. She always got attention when she wore that dress. Guys and gals would constantly want to dance with her.

Anyway one time we were there and she was in the dress. We were there with another couple Ron and Stephanie from her work. We also met a guy there that Liz knew from somewhere. We were all chatting, dancing and drinking. The place was full and we had a spot near the bar. Liz went to go freshen up and wandered across the dance floor to the unisex facilities.

I was watching her walk, as I love to do. On the way back there was a little incident. I didn’t hear what was being said, but I saw what happened. She told me the whole thing later and it went like this:

She was walking back and at this table there were 4 obvious Navy guys drinking from a pitcher of beer. Liz of course draws looks and as I watched she turned suddenly as she passed their table. She overheard one of the guys make a comment.

She turned to them with a stern face and angrily demanded to know who had said it. She heard one of them say something about her dress and that it would look better without the panty lines.

She feigned annoyance and demanded to know who said it. She was leaning over their table with her cleavage in their faces. One guy admitted to it and right before he was able to apologize she straightened up and smiled a big smile, a big charming and sexy smile. She said, “Okay, hey thanks I didn’t realize it.”

Then she reached under her skirt, grabbed her panties and pulled them off one leg at a time. Her dress rode up as she raised her legs and they all got a great view of half bare *****. She held the panties (very expensive Victoria Secret thongs) twirled them on her finger as she pressed her skirt back down into place and dropped the panties in the guy’s beer pitcher.

The guys were frozen in shock. They stared at the black material floating in the pitcher.

She blew them a kiss, twirled around and walked off. They guys were still staring at the pitcher. Then all at once they reached up for the beer fighting to pour beer from the pitcher. When they did they turned to our spot at the bar and all at once raised their glassed to us and drank.

I was about to fall on the floor laughing. The couple we were with was incredulous Stefanie laughed and said she wished she had that kind of nerve. Ron turned to me and said, “I love your wife.” I said back “Yeah, you and half the Mayport based Naval Fleet.”

Later she joined the 4 guys who insisted that the waiter keep the panties in the pitcher when refilling the beer. They drank out of it all night with the black panties sitting on the bottom like a tea bag. Liza drank with them and she told me they all copped a feel or two before we left.

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she knows how to flirt and tease a man

She sounds like a fun lady. I'd love to see a pic of her in that dress.

In my album is a picture of her best friend wearing that dress. You will recognize it instantly

Wow now that is daring indeed<br />
<br />

daring in a way but she's done even more daring things from time to time

pinas do have a temper, but i certainly liked her solution. well done.

My dream girl.