Ahhhh....the Grocery Store

When I was younger, after being discharged from the military I worked at a regional grocery/retail store. I worked second shift from 2:00pm until 10:00pm sometimes longer. One Saturday night I was stocking shelves and setting displays I received an overhead page from my manager. I picked up the phone and was directed to an aisle to watch a very attractive women in her late 30's dressed in a mini-dress wondering lazily around the market area picking groceries. My boss was a very horny guy always on the lookout so I had received many pages from him checking out women. I brought to attention, a man who must have been her partner at the other end of the aisle following her around. I knew where this was headed. She had asked me where she could find some items and asked if I could help her find them. My boss insisted that I help her (like I needed motivation!) More than a few times, she purposely bent over to get the items on the lower shelves revealing her beautiful round *** and hot ***** to us. She was enjoying this a lot, but maybe not as much as her partner. He kept following us, trying to hide his ***** but not succeeding very well. She ate this whole thing up. This lasted about a 1/2 hour before she thanked me and kissed me on the cheek. I never did see her again but I was always on the look out for more like her. I kept hearing stories from the 3rd shift guys about how common it was for them to see some wild things going on display. I really enjoyed my three years there and always loved working in the frozen/dairy dept during the dog days of summer!
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Cool story. She knew how to play the game, right