I Never Realized

I never realized how much an ankle bracelet says about a women. I had bought my wife one and it got lots of attention from the men. A buddy of mine (at this time I wasn't aware of the whole hotwife thing) asked me if I let my wife mess around. At first I was taken back but then I asked why would he ask that. He then told me about the ankle bracelet thing. I told my wife and we both decided let's leave it on and see what else comes out of the wood work.
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3 Responses Jul 21, 2010

******* great. I'm glad you guys didnt freak out and get rid of the braclet. Instead you go get a man....Hot

Tell me more about the connection between wives playing around and ankle bracelets. We're swingers and I'd love to be able to advertise this to our friends and acquaintances in the vanilla world. My wife would wear anything that would get this across to anyone interested.

So where is it exactly that I might bump into you two? Bill in Va.