My Wife Still Wears Half Slips

My wife always wears skirts or dresses and always wears a half slip.
She has 14 at present. Most are made of silky nylon and the rest of polyester satin.
I love it when her slip is only slightly shorter than her skirt or dress as the lacy hem shows when she walks.
More than the lacy hem is revealed when she is wearing a dress and reaches up to a high shelf in the supermarket.
I love standing back and watching men enjoying seeing her slip showing. Some even follow her to hopefully get another/better view!!!
My wife regards a slip purely as an item of clothing but I regard it as an extremely erotic item of clothing.
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7 Responses Sep 1, 2010

I could not agree more, I would be following your wife all round the shop hoping to see more, I would be well turned on.

Recently I have noticed him looking at my legs when I have been reaching up into the office cabinets. One lunchtime as I was about to leave the office I again noticed him looking me up and down so I asked him if anything was wrong and he replied quite embarrassed that my slip was showing. So I thanked him for telling me and pulled it back up on my waist. With him being embarrassed about telling me I started asking before leaving the office if my slip was showing and he would give me the answer one way or the other.Big mistake teasing him like this as he now comments about my slips being pretty or about the colour when I reach up into the cabinets or when I stand up.

i absolutly adore slips and love women that are wearing one i have many that i wear in private great site

My wife used to wear slips evry day, quite often a tantising amount of lace would show. In those days all slips were hers and I would borrow them.<br />
Sdaly now she only wears slips if a skirt of dress are not lined (which spoilsport lined these item). All slips (last count more than 100) are mine now and my wife occassionally borrows.<br />
A slip is very erotic for me as well, my wife mostly sees them as out of fashion superfluous items. At least I am allowed to puchase and wear slips, also other intimates.

i too love to flash my slip to men ..

I was shopping in Tesco this morning & the lace on the hem of my half slip was on show as it is now. I love knowing that some are enjoying watching me, & I am sure at least one person was trying to get a better view.<br />

Hi Valerie, Are you still flashing your slip for all the young and old guys. good for you, I wish you were closer to where I live, you would make my day. Bernie.

I'm wearing a white one, right now, as I get to play in my special things for the first time in weeks! I love half slips!