Wearing My First Full Slip Under My Dress At Work Last Week.

At 32  I had my first experience wearing a full slip under my dress in the office last week.
It was Friday and Christmas eve.
I went to a office party and forgot I was wearing the slip.
I did get some comments mostly from women who asked me questions about it. Why do you wear a slip at work?
I only know three other women under 35 who wear slips.

I do would like to wear a slip more often but other women think it weird.

Please advise?
Should I wear my slip at work?
Should I listen to other women?


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Hello Julie,I've been wearing a slip since I was 8 years old and I would feel very uncomfortable wearing a skirt or dress without a slip. Most of my friends don't wear slips and are always concerned with a dress fabric rather than the style or cut, because they want to make sure you can't see through it. It's not right or wrong, just what you like best for yourself. I feel more feminine when wearing a slip.

My nephew have young nurse. She always wear lace half slip under her uniform. The lace always peeking out when she bent, cross her leg or walking on the ladder. I don't know why my **** always erection when I saw her lace showing. Every day she left her slip at the bathroom after take a bath.

I always kiss her half slip, to feel her sweat when I go to the bathroom. And feel my **** start erection. Sometime I bring her half slip to my room and I sleep with kiss her sweat. Do your friends ever told you like this? Do woman know , sometime lace slip peeking underskirt catch young man attention?

im a male of 52 yes I think its great that you wear a slip for work you should take no notice of what other woman think if you look and feel good in it wear it although im bias I love a woman to wear a slip full or half one very sexy xx

Nothing more erotic than a lady wearing a silky slip.

HI Julie
Im 55 and always wear a slip unless it is real hot. I grew up with always wearing a slip under a skirt or dress, and still do. IN the winter time, I will wear a prairie type slip under a full, or A-line wool skirt. IT is super warm and usually not noticeable. Sometimes it will show when I sit. If I hear any complements, they are always positive.

Please Julie continue to wear your slip as I am a male and I see ladies who wear slips as elegant ladies I love petticoats and also pantyhose with a nice dress and slip is so sexy

hi julie...what does it matter...what others think...my philosophy is this:unless they stand at my mail box and pay my bills, what they say means nothing and who they are is even less...with that in mind...a full slip is the most sensual erotica piece of clothing a woman can wear...espcially lace and silking ones...you have a soft body, soft hair, why not something soft and sensual feeling underneath...its your life, your body...enjoy..its the greatest turn on for me...putting a slip on over your head and letting slide down your nude body should be exhilarating...running your hands over you silk body should be exciting to say the least....look in a mirror...what do you see...gorgeous should be the answer...there is a movie called "invisible maniac"the ***** scene at the beginning is worth any words i could describe concerning your feeling of wearing a full slip...try doing it yourself and imitating her...you might just can in touch with your femine side...good luck...most women have gotten away from clothing that is sensual feeling...too bad for them...you say your friends think it wierd...i say your friends ARE SADLY MISTAKEN...AND DONT HAVE A SENSUAL LIFE...JUST DO IT...ENJOY YOURSELF...ALL WOMEN AT LEAST DESERVE THAT MUCH...DEAN

I agree Julie, as a man who loves women in slips, enjoy the sensual feel, They are pretty and sexy and every guy loves them


Why would you deny yourself something you enjoy. Slips do have a function, they hide your pantie line and keep your skirt from klinging. But I feel the best reason to wear a slip is because their sexy and make you feel feminine. I'll bet no guy in the office was questioning you?
I enjoy wearing slips all the time, unfortunately I don't get to wear skirts or dresses to work and if someone saw I was wearing a slip, I can only imagine what they would be saying to me. lol...
Just so you know I am a transvestite with a lingerie fetish. Please keep wearing your slips men love to get a peek of that delicate feminine touch peeking out from under your skirt. Laced hemmed slips are best.

Keep going.. I wear half slips almost everyday..

Hi Julie, Never stop wearing slips. You don't realize it yet, but a slip really turns a man on......I know it does for me and I am a man who trully loves a women in a slip.

yes! you should wear a slip to work if it brings to you great pleasure! why not? if you get enjoyment, do it! yup!

Bravo Julie.<br />
<br />
Love the fact your wore your full slip to work. I support you fully in that regard. In response to your questions ><br />
<br />
1. Yes, you should definitely wear your full slip to work, and your half slips to for that matter alternately.;<br />
2. Most definitely not. Do not listen to other women. Be your own independent desicion maker. <br />
<br />
The majority of today's women simply follow the fashion trends and many have lost sight of the relevance of sensuality, and feeling sensual. A silky nylon and lace slip exudes sensuality. It is the most beautiful lingerie garment a woman can wear. Feeling a silky nylon slip brushing against silky nylon panties, and the silky lining of a dress or skirt, and brushing against silky sheer shiny stockings is breathtakingly sensual. It is the personification of femininity. <br />
<br />
Moreover, these days Julie with respect, the majority of women just do not realize how much a male loves to see a woman wearing a slip or the lace hem of her peeking slip. Or the slip peeking through the sexy slit of a skirt. A silky nylon slip enhances the existing power of a woman and the luxurious feeling of a lovely silky nylon and lace slip affords her with a wonderful feeling of exhilaration, well being, and above all, femininity and sensuality. <br />
<br />
I do hope Julie you will adopt the overwhelming advice of our good members who commented and continue to wear a slip at every opportinity you possibly can. Further, it is not uncommon for slip savvy women to wear a slip to bed. I know two ladies who wear a slip to bed. They cannot get enough of their slips. <br />
<br />
In conclusion, i love seeing a woman wearing her slip and i to love slips immensely and wear a slip nearly every day of the week. With a substantial collection of more than 120 silky nylon and lace half slips and full slips, the biggest problem i have is deciding which slip to wear though i must confess i do not have to procrastinate for very long. No point wasting valuable time deciding, far better to get the slip on and enjoy its magical feminine loveliness.<br />
<br />
Thank you for posting this story Julie. Go with your slip.<br />
<br />
Hugs,<br />
<br />

If it makes you feel good and fem wear it good girl

You must be who you are. Enjoy wearing your slip. I wear half slips but only because I wear so many lengths of skirts and want slips that fall to within 2 inches of the bottom of the skirts. I can buy the half salip in so many lengths. Enjoy and have fun.

be yourself, wear slips, did the slip feel smooth and soft on your body, those other women don't know what there missing.

Valerie, I stopped wearing full slips. I had an ex that got me into them, and well he isn't around, any more, so...when we broke up, I couldn't do it any more. But the other day, I was feeling a bit flirty, and decided to pull one out, and put it on before I put on my dress. I found some vintage dress liners also, which I suppose are pretty much like slips, but are hemmed and designed to cover a slip and hide it (as I was told growing up). The benefit is that your full slip underneath, doesn't cling to the inside of your dress, because there's another la<x>yer of nylon there. The potential danger is that your full slip underneath, doesn't cling to the inside of your dress. lol. Right, so anyway, I put the dress liner over my full slip, and looked in the mirror. I liked the way it looked, and felt, so then I slid my dress on. Since I did this for me, it kinda made me a bit self conscious, and nervous. I made sure that the length was right down to the bottom of my dress. When I looked down in front, it looked fine. When I checked in the mirror I thought it looked fine. But apparently something changed on the way in, because as I was walking in, I saw this cute guy staring at me, and he was looking down, and I guess there was a little snow down south. I thought OMG, my slip is showing, but then I realized I was wearing the dress liner, so I was safe. Then I realized that he wouldn't know the difference, so he would think he was staring at my slip, and I got flustered and self conscious and embarrassed...but then something strange happened....I felt helpless, standing there, as long as he was staring at my slip. I wanted desperately to cover up, to risk reaching down to adjust it, but in a panic, decided to wait...i was scared, but relaxed at the same time, paralyzed...yet it almost pleased me to have him looking...I felt all cute and giggly but tried to retain my composure, while he was fixated...mesmerized....<br />
He never got closer than 3m away from me, but the energy that passed between us was indescribable. He had a power over me, and I over him. And so I waited, for what seemed like an eternity, and watched his eyes as he stared helplessly at the sliver of beige hem peeking out.<br />
Then, all of a sudden, we both snapped out of it, and he said "excuse me" and walked away. I couldn't speak, but was thinking "thank you." It was a terrific day. I never saw him again (and prolly would have freaked out if I had). I am going shopping ;-)

Love your story would love to hear more

Julie,<br />
<br />
Keep wearing your slips to work if you want too .I konw the men at work love to see you in your slip and being able to see your slip show from under your dress .I always loved to see women and ther slips showing it turned me on and all i wanted to do was see more . so you go girl and keep wearing your slips different colors with lace and without just let some show when you are seated and walking around .SO SEXY

If it feels good, do it. We only live one time and experiences desired but not had are lost parts of life.

Congratulations on wearing the slip i wish more women would do so as well. I am a man and wear one every day and will not stop wearing one or even go out of the house without one. I started wearing it when i was only 7 was delighted with the feel of it asked my sister if i could keep it and she said ok and even gave me 3 more old ones have not stopped since i think that they are really sexy keep you warm as well. If you fancy wearing one then do it and do not listen to the young women of today who have never had the pleasure of wearing one and do not know what it feels like. Today the younger women dress in a lot of flimsy type of clothes bought in a botque type of shop and have never had the pleasure ofgoing into what i would call a proper ladies shop for quality underwear.

Lovely - "what i would call a proper ladies shop for quality underwear."

Well done Valerie for for saying that; its something I would be scared to say - but I think it is so true. I believe It is also true that because women do not make the most of their own opportunities and pleasures that men, and the relationships between men and women, also miss because out this. I may be different in my own inner self, but the male part of me says I have missed out greatly in enjoying true feminine charms and beauty - Valerie can express it in better words than I can but hope that her words do not go unheeded. Julie I hope you can be yourself and feel pleasure and inner enjoyment and appreciate the beauty that a garment can bring to yourself and others. To me it's the others that are weird, certainly not you; you (and others like you) are amazing and have real inner beauty.

Please, keep on wearing your slips! They are so sexy and men love to see their lacy hems peeking out from under your skirt - and I'd bet a lot of women think so, too, if that's your thing. Hell, I've been a TV all my life and afraid to wear the clothes I love - there's no point you being afraid to wear sensual women's clothes if you want.<br />
Dee X

So many girls have grown up in the last two decades, where the art of luring has been lost. Its so sad for them, because they will never know the pleasure of sensual enlurement, until the 'blossom on their cheeks has turned to chalk' as the song says. By then it will be too late. So many well meant comments on here, Julie. They are not all wrong. Many girls never experience a full sexual experience, as their mind set is to achieve a 'bonk' and thats it. They have never known a deeper sensual pleasure that comes from a full feminine experience that comes from deep down inside of them. By your question, you do, as I do & have. I would not swap my enjoyment for the shallow five minute bang that so many girls are stuck with. They know no other.<br />
Best wishes to you & all that have tried to help you on this issue, that runs far deeper than just a piece of nylon.<br />

Julie<br />
<br />
by all means listen to other women. But listen to men as well, and listen to yourself. A slip feels lovely under your clothes, and if it peeks out it looks lovely too. So when you've listened, just remember it's entirely up to you.<br />
<br />
I love being a bit different, and different pepole make the whole world brighter and more interesting.<br />
<br />
Just enjoy! Happy new year ...

I have posted a reply to Jean who has echoed your thoughts here. If you want to wear a slip, do, as long as it is what you want. Its what being a girl is all about. <br />
Happy new year<br />

Julie, it is your decision whether or not to wear a slip, so don't let anything we say influence you in ant way...<br />
BUT - Yes, Julie, please DO wear a slip. It looks so nice, so soft, so feminine. And surely it must feel the same way to you! Don't listen to the envious old hags - just do what feels right to you!

Hi Julie<br />
I understand your situation as I also think twice before wearing my slips to functions.<br />
Lately however I am enjoying wearing a slip as it does help to keep my dress just wright.<br />
My slips have only 2" to 3" lacey hems and if it does show ever so slightly it is okay.<br />
<br />
Julie enjoy your fashion.<br />
Karen (34)

Dear Julie, trust to your own self,, If wearing a skirt at work feels good to you , carry on wearing it and ignore the unsexy way the other women dress.. Dress by the way you feel go by your own instincts not others. a lot of women these days have lost their womans instinct to dress as a woman. so wear your slip to work if you want.