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I just love women who wear slips. Do not ever appear  in public unless your slip is showing.
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I love seeing women with a slip showing , it is really sexy and I would like to see more

Sticking together - I do, we do; I am blessed, we've shared many tears. But Andie has a home and a lot of love, even if she has been a surprise and a disturbance after many years of marriage.<br />
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I express my mood by wearing a slip too, and they are appreciated!

I have just put the loose slip on that I described in the comments above. My skirt waist is loose anyway, being a size 14-16, so just me coming down stairs, it is already showing. I have decided to pop to our local shops, walking as I am so sexed up from so much climaxing, I would be a menace driving. This is so lovely.

It is so sad, that with all of the problems in the world, people like us are stigmatised for doing nothing more than enjoying a fetish which is harmless to those not in the least interested. I once bought a short, size twenty nylon slip (I still have it), which is so loose that it will only stay in place by my skirt waist band. Before I left school for uni, I had a school holiday job at a local manufacturer, & I saw a lady walking across an internal road way and her slip actually fell down and she stepped out of it. I pretend to do that with my loose slip. I must be nuts, but I love it so much. I might wear it later today.

And I just love wearing them. A touch of sexy prettiness below the hem is simply gorgeous!

I think any women that wear satin slips are totally sexy and I'm sure you look stunning ! The touch of satin turns me on all the time

Wearing a slip has been very much a trademark of me, particularly when so many women have left skirts off and prefer wearing trousers. I have written loads of stories from my past that you might enjoy reading. You can then decide if I measure up to what you like to see below a skirt hem.