Girlfriends In Petticoats

I was engage to this wonderful girl. Her name was Lynn.  We were best friends and we could tell each other anything.  So after the first few months of dating her I told her about my crossdressing and my love of petticoats and plastic baby pants.  I was ready for her rejection.  But to my surprise(and relief), she was pretty turned on by the idea.  Then I asked her if she would wear one of my petticoats for me and again was turned on by the idea.  So I dressed up in my plastic baby pants, one of my petticoats, put my little girl's paper nylon slip over it, and my favorite doulble layer sheer white nylon and lace babydoll nighties with a matching sheer white coat on.  The she put on her sheer white nylon panties, a nylon petticoat, and also a sheer white nylon and lace babydoll nighty too.  WOW!  She looked awesome.  So pretty and sexy.  We started making out feeling all the nylon layers rubbing against each other.  I was so hard and she was so wet.  As we layed down on my bed I started kissing every inch of her.  I kissed my way down to her petticoat, put my head under her petticoat(a dream come true), and started licking her through her sheer panties.  She started grinding her sheer pantied ***** into my mouth and face, making her *** over and over again.  My face was so wet from her ***.  The she got on top of me and we made such passionate love to each other.  It was such a thrill and turn on with both of us dressed up in our layers of nylon ******* wildly with each other ******* together.  I will never forget her and our experiences together.   From that day on we dressed up together in our frilly sexy petticoats, panties, babydolls, and lingerie several times a week.
My babypants are so wet just telling my story.  I hope someday I will meet a woman like her again.

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2 Responses May 24, 2012

She should make you wear that outfit all the time, but where is your plastic pants?

Who's the girl in the top petticoat picture? I thot that was her. Those type of women are out there, but are hard to find. They are just as timid as we are about exploring their sexual feelings.
I have found girls in the past by going to busy ladies clothing or shoe shops. I most always find that someone will smile and tell me how good I'd looking in that dress or I look nice in those heels.
I always chat right back and ask if they can help me find the correct size. And it starts and goes on from there.

So very cool, it is always nice to have a partner who is not only willing to let you indulge in your fetish but to have one that is willing to join in is so rare.<br />
You may now be with her now but if you are well done if not at least you have had something a lot of men have never experienced.<br />