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I love to wear slips and petticoats.  I love the look and the feel.  I love to see women wearing these amazing garments as they look gorgeous and will make any woman look classy,  sophisticated and sexy.  But so few women wear them these days.  We need a campaign to get them wearing them again.

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5 Responses Nov 21, 2009

I don't feel dressed unless I am wearing a bra and a slip.

They look real beautiful when being worn and peeping out at you. We need a preservation society!

I could not agree more that today GG have lost the fine art of dressing. It seems that they are trying so hard to fit into a bland unsex world they have forgotten this divine art.<br />
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Marcie Lynn

Yes and that is so sad.

Don't be too down hearted regards what is thought to be fact. I know several women who enjoy their own underwear. I do. I knew girls from my school days who had a fetish in the same way. I did. Some times it depends on the womans mood at the time. 'Familiarity breeds contempt'. I am slip mad just now. Making and selling them. Full net, paper nylon, multi tiered petticoats. See my stories on here. Best wishes to you all.Valerie

I agree with you. A silky slip is the most erotic item of lingerie a woman can wear.<br />
I am extremely fortunate that my wife still wears half slips. She has 14 at present. Most are silky nylon with a lacy hem and a few are satin. <br />
I have noticed she get mens attention when the lacy hem shows thru the slit at the back of her skirt or when she sitting and the silky nylon and lace can be seen under her skirt. <br />
I love it when she wears a dress with a slip only slightly shorter than her dress and reaches up revealing several inches of silky nylon and lace. I have seen guys following her in the supermarket just waiting for her to reach up to another shelf or leaning over the trolly putting the shopping in hoping to get another glimpse of her sexy slip.<br />
I have been wearing silky slips ever since I tried on my mum's full slip when I was 12. My wife is unaware of my addiction to silky slips and I know she wouldn't accept it or approve. To her a slip is just an item of clothing but us guys know different!!!