There is nothing worse than holding a woman and all you feel is gristle and bone. Give me a woman with curves and I'll show you a woman who is proud of who she is.
Yes give me a curvy woman any day.
blackdiamond38 blackdiamond38 46-50, M 8 Responses Dec 18, 2011

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BD..... I like you more and more each day!!!

I keep telling you Mahal, compliments like this will get you everywhere......................*S* Thankyou.

Women are supposed to have curves. More to hug, snuggle with and to spoil.

And you just showed me a real man. Good for you!! More to hold on to and caress!! You going to have lots of woman applauding you!

Amen Brother

I prefer obese or anorexic women. Much more attractive.

You like curvy women?<br />
<br />

Agree 100%

I agree.