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Can somebody tell me why "full figure" ladies are afraid to show what they got. The skinny gals get all kinds of publicity and there's even web sites and magazines that show XL ladies. What about us guys that want to see a full figure. I have a full figure wife and I tell her that she's beautiful and she tells me that I'm bias. I know I'm not because the full figure ladies catch my eye more than the others.

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Most recent is Lane Bryant made a commercial and ABC is refusing to air it. I have seen the ad and all I have to say is "Sexy, Sexy, Sexy"

The mainstream media feeds into the "Penthouse Pet / Barbie Doll" image of what is "attractive" and then that becomes ingrained in our minds as what is "acceptable" when it is nearly physically impossible to accomplish and will make a person sick if they are successful. It is an illusion. One indication how much money and power is resting on this anorexic ideal is the flak that Hanes got by showing full figured women in their undergarment products - these were beautiful women and they were 165 - 180 lbs each all at the same time. There was a hue and cry over it, but the noise was coming from a few Madison Avenue ad agencies and model shops, not from the mass customer base. We loved it. I think Hanes is going to run the TV ad series again when things settle down. But what a hue and cry there was amongst the champagne and caviar crowd!

I am married to a full figured woman - big is beautiful...all women are

Right on. I also like women with some meat on their bones. You are definately not alone.

i think you are wonderful standing up for what you love and for the full figured women i am not xl. but i am curvey and busty. i think skinny girls with no chest are ok but i agree we need more pictures of real women out there not girls. some are teenagers its sickening.

Ok, But I think that I'm a minority because I admit how I feel.

It doesn't matter. You are a minority. The minority seldom gets what it wants.

You say I am a minority. Are you saying I'm more of a minority than men that want to see XL women?

You are a minority. <br />
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Surely you understand this.