Extreme Labia In Sauna

Last time I visited a sauna there was this one woman with the most amazing *****. I entered the sauna, there were several people there, and found a place to sit. This woman was sitting right in front of me. She was sitting, so my sight wasn't the best, but I already saw her vagina was huge. She was completely shaved and her **** was clearly visible. She had extremely large ***** lips hanging out of her vagina. After a couple of minutes she decided to change her position and pulled up her knees. Now I really had a clear vision and saw that she had the largest lips I had ever seen. I saw her ones in the showers, just looking at her ***** made me instantly hard
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Hi guess saying 'hi' to her was out of the question?

Nothings better than a good pair of thick labia lips hanging out. The second best thing is to have those lips moving up and down my sheath and penis shaft. I love seeing my wife's labia lips gripping my tool and sliding up and down, milking every last drop of fluid out of my penis.

Which country is this? lol

This was in the Netherlands