My Wife Has Them

My wife's nipples are very sensitive to touch. In fact they're almost more sensitive than her ****. She won't climax just by touching nipples, but you can get her to a certain level of arousal much faster with nipples that the ****. This is nice in combination with her *** fetish, one of our favourite positions is me tittyfucking her and playing with her nipples while she masturbates. Not seldom she **** exactly at the same moment as my *** hits her between the boobs and onto her face.
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My wife is the same!<br />
But she insists that I suck and squeezes are nipples, with my head being buried in them and me slowly screwing her.<br />
Then she loses control and her hand takes over and she shudders to almighty climax.<br />
She always apologises, and tells me to carry on ******* her - but her heart - or anything else - isn't in it. She always has a multi O, and I just finish myself on top of her ****, while she watches.<br />
"Next time, don't let me do that please", she says.<br />
But I do let her. I am a sucker for punishment...!<br />
Get in touch and you will see why!<br /> (private please).

nice very nice.