It's Fun To Do

I started wrestling girls when I was young. My one friend had a little sister who was younger than us but did gymnastics. She was pretty strong especially her legs. You use the leg scissor hold to make us older boys beg and cry lol
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One of my earlier girlfriends and I used to wrestle for fun. Her legs were so strong that I would have to beg her to let me go! That was so fun, she used wrap her athletic legs around my head and put me into a hold I couldn't get out of, and it was almost impossible to get out. <br />
P.S,<br />
I'm not weak or anything, I played Varsity Bball for my highschool and played ball in college until I hurty myself, so don't count me out of a contest.

that's great. i would wrestle too

Yes it will help your legs get stronger too everytime you do it to someone