Overpowered By My Cousin Beverly

I love watching and taking part in mixed wrestling sessions, this began in my mid teens when I would be left in the care of my older cousin Beverly. She was 16 at the time and had matured early being both taller and heavier than me with a fantastic curvey figure, I was only 14 and had yet to shoot up, being fairly weedy.

I can't remember how it started exactly, it may have been while we were watching the wrestling on the TV, here in the UK the wrestling was on every Saturday afternoon and we definately watched it together so that may have been it. Anyway I recall she was messing about and pushing me around and I was trying to stand up to her but it was obvious I was no match for her. Before I knew it I found myself on my back with my arms pinned to the carpet and Bev sitting astride me high up on my chest.

She was wearing a rather short, pleated skirt so her dominant position gave me a close up view of the crotch of her knickers (that's what we call panties in this country). I remember distinctively they we plain cotton ones in white and to me they looked a little small for her as they really seemed to accentuate her crotch which was bulging out towards my helpless face.

I was struggling like crazy trying to buck her off but she was way too heavy and strong and she just laughed down at me, teasing me and calling me a weaking, I just kept looking back at her tight knickers in fascination, after a while she said that if I liked looking at her knickers so much she would give me a closer look. So saying she slowly moved herself forward untill her warm, slightly damp knickers were planted firmly over my mouth and just pressing up against my nose. I was just able to breath through my nose though this did mean drawing my air filtered through the crotch of her knickers.

She kept me in this position for what seemed hours (probably around 30 mins) until I felt her shudder and heard her sigh deeply, I just became aware of her crotch getting wet when she jumped up and went up to her room leaving me confused by mixed feelings, thinking about in in bed that night I beacme very aroused at the thought of what she had done to me. After that I took every opportunity to goad her into wrestling me which she was only too glad to do, always resulting in a similar ending although her repertoir of humilliating holds increased as time went on.

After about a year her family moved down to Cornwall and I only saw her on the odd visit. I do remember attending her wedding about six years later and getting a bit drunk with her and she asked if I remembered our 'little wrestling games', she had a wicked smile on her face as she asked me, I assured her that I would never forget them. Hence my love of Mixed Wrestling and being overpowered.

Please let me know if you found this interesting and if you have had any similar experiences.


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Loved it and I wish I had a similar experience!

I'll never forget a sturdy peach suddenly lose it & reach her hands up my to throat

I quickly grabbed her wrists & gave her a "Don't you dare" look

It only enraged her to twist her wrists, arch her elbows upthrust me onto the bed & bear down to get her hands round my throat

I used her weight against her by drawing her wrists up & out, so that she fell on top of me with her huge bosom over my nose & mouth, so I eventually rolled her over & challenged her to prove to me that she could caress & kiss my throat for far more pleasure than killing me

Shwe was always gentlewith my throat after that, tho she tested the boundaries with short affectionate squeeezes

It was the mad glint in her ice blue eyes that gave away what she saw fantasising

She once wrapped a long scarf my mum had knitted round & round my neck & suddenly snapped her arms out sideways, thinking to achieve a fast choke

But the stitches merely stretched, so I felt no pain

We both laughed @ that

She looked up, smiled sweetly & said, "I wanted to strangle ya"

As we snogged, she walked me up against the wall, wrapping the scarf round & round her hands, drew one hand down & pushed the other across to bring her forearm into close contact with my throat

Recall '60s bad guy wrestler, Brian Maxine's fav submission move, see-sawing his forearm across his prone victims throat, pausing to screw his elbow in while grinning at the crowd?

This insomniac needs to be regularly put to sleep

I been up @ 24 hrs now

So I'll have a day in bed

Wanna choke me to sleep, girls?

*gasp* *croak* *cough* *gag* *choke* *sigh*

'Night all


yeah i had similiar experiences when i was growing up were i was sat upon first on my chest then it got to the point were she sat on my face, it changed me completely after it happened in my teens, ive been recreating it ever since with every relationship ive ever had...

Great story! I've often fantasized about being dominated by a bikini clad girl who would do nasty things to my body while I struggled helplessly to break free from her various wrestling holds.

Hey Carl,

I'm 22 and I've always had a deep attraction to being overpowered by women. Lady-like women, not like Amazon women or anything. I've been in heaven the past 7 months since I started dating my girlfriend. She's very feminine, but at the same time, she keeps in great shape and loves to wrestle me.

I introduced my love of mixed wrestling very slowly into the relationship. Complimenting her legs a lot, challenging her to strength competitions, and eventually having her test her strength by trapping me between her legs and seeing if I could escape. At first, it was easy. But she has become much stronger especially in her calves and thighs lately, and I have no chance when she bodyscissors me now-a-days. I absolutely love having my waist or neck trapped between her gorgeous thighs and feeling her squeeze. It makes for great foreplay and has lead to an amazing sex life. I know I'm not the only one out there who loves being dominated.


Good for you Claus, I also had a girlfriend for a number of years who loved to wrestle, her grandfather had been a pro wrestler up in Newcastle she told me. She was very strong, especially her legs, once trapped in one of her scissors holds I would stay there until she decided to let me go, no amount of begging or pleading made any difference, she just enjoyed it so much.

Her favourite holds were various head scissors where she could pull my helpless face tight into her smothering crotch, or between the cheeks of her amazing arse. Once trapped in these holds she would make me 'earn' the odd breath of air if you get my drift (my jaw would ache for ages afterwards!).

She also really loved the forward and reverse face sitting pins, grinding her wet crotch down onto my face as I lay gasping beneath her, it's strange how often the crotch of her thin little knickers would 'accidentally' slip to one side whilst administering these types of holds, funny that!

She also made up a set of 'special' rules which essentially gave her the complete advantage and allowed her to totally dominate every match. The forfeit for losing was always the same, to be the winner's total slave for the rest of the day 'and night', the things she made me do would make a ***** blush! I absolutely loved every minute of it, I really miss that girl but that's life eh?

Enjoy your wrestling and push the boundaries, you only live once!