An Experience I've Never Forgotten

It was back in February '79, and my wife made my biggest fantasy come true. She and one of her girlfriends agreed to wrestle each other just for me to watch. The attire was a bit different meaning that they wore either leotards or one-piece swimsuits, and sandals, flats, slippers, or sneakers, and no boots. It was actually pro-styled matches. The best thing , to top it off, was they wrestled each other in bare legs. They pretended to step into the ring wearing bathrobes over their outfits. I announced the wrestlers, they disrobed, a bell rang, and my fantasy became a reality. They didn't hurt one another. They mostly rolled around on the floor trying to get the best of the other and they pinned each other many times as there were several falls. These beautiful ladies wrestled each other on other occasions with the same type of attire. Unfortunately, my wife and I divorced and she really lost interest in wrestling. These were certainly experiences that I've never forgotten.
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Sorry about the divorce, but, wow, brilliant memories to savor.

You lucky, lucky guy. My lady won't wrestle but likes to watch other women fight and she watches me wrestle other guys but that's it. It would make my biggest fantasy come true to have her wrestle like your wife did.

Where are you. I am in Tx.

Thailand at the moment

How do you divorce such a wife? :)

When she cheats on you repeatedly there is not much else to do.

What an amazing memory to have! That must have been exciting! You are a lucky man.