Barefoot Or Shoes? Hose, Tights, Or Bare Legs?

I was interested in what everyone prefers and what they or their ladies wear when they wrestle? I prefer women wearing shoes because I think it highlights the bare legs of which I personally prefer.
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5 Responses Sep 18, 2012

hose n boots a must lol

<p>wrestling boots and panties or bikini bottoms. Topless!</p>

For me it's calf length, soft soled real wrestling boots and either topless in a thong or in a monokini/slingshot bikini

My personal opinion as to womens wrestling attire kind of changes from time to time. I like tights and boots, i think they highlight their powerful, strong legs. As for the the top, whatever makes them feel best.

well in my response i would like two wrestle barefoot, and in bikkinie, if i was to fight a women thats how i would like to fight me and her barefoot, me in trunks her in bikkinie, by the way i'm (male)