Some Women's Wrestling Sites

Hi Everyone. I don't have a story to share with you, but instead I have some women's wrestling websites that may interest you. Have you wondered if others share our interest in female wrestling? Well the answer is an emphatic "yes"!!! Below you'll find several Yahoo groups about women's wrestling. These are mostly the ladies we grew up watching on TV or in person. However there are some newer type of wrestling. What I mean is that the ladies wrestle "pro-style", but really get after each other with breasts and crotch grabs just to name a few. Also there are 3 sites--2 of these belong to guys who bring wrestling and fantasy fights to a new level. The remaining site feature mostly pro ladies of the past. So, here you go. Hope everyone enjoys the photos. and rita boucher, 50s60s2, and 50s60s3 50s80s2, 50s80s3, 50s80s4, 50s80s5, 50s80s6, and 50s80s7
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Thanks Ringguy

Try for tons of women wrestling videos which are downloadable with Youtube Downloader free.

Turn the family filter off (top right hand of screen) and put in something like "topless women wrestling" or 'naked women wrestling"

The results will keep you busy for a fortnight.