The Daughter Got Smothered First.

I was attending a college athletics event in Texas, it was summer and hot, I guess every ones nerves were getting frayed, including mine.

The reason for the argument really isn't important, but I found my self arguing with a young gymnast and her mother. I began to walk away but the young gymnast was insistent. She told me if I was any younger she would wrestle me and make me beg for mercy. I looked at the mother open mouthed, she only smiled, I blurted out a muffled reply, "don't let my thirty year old body fool you, I,ll take you on any day."

Well, the mother grinned and quickly said "o k" the daughter looked quickly at her mom, "what" the confidence seemed to be draining from her, her mom said "you can beat her." I looked them both up and down, the daughter was tall and slim just like a gymnast should be and looked really good in her short mini skirt. The mother looked to be in her late thirties and obviously kept her self in good shape. She was also tall and wore tight fitting jeans that covered a small tight *** that was lifted up high from lots of exercise, her breasts were bigger than her daughters but looked firm even hard under her small top. Before they could change their minds I said "o k we will go to my studio," which was a double hotel room I had booked for the week. I also told them I wouldn't be showing them any mercy either.

We drove to my hotel and went straight to my large double room, we didn't say much and when we got there we began to get changed, we had agreed to a shower before hand and they had their beach bikinis with them which they said they would wear. I went into my drawer and took out a white thong and held it up for them to see. I wanted them to know I was serious about winning so I went into my bedroom and got my small bag of tricks, a **** vibe with three string ties attached, padded handcuffs and a long piece of cord. I took the bag and put it next to the back of the sofa ready for use. I looked at the daughter, her bikini was small and skin tight, "oh yeah I,m going to make that soaking wet" I said. I told the mother I wanted no interference when we started fighting, she said " well tie me to the chair ***** if you want to, my Julie won't need any help from me" I said "good" and was really surprised when she sat down on the floor in front of the sofa let me tie her hands to the bottom of the sofa legs, the sofa was really heavy and bolted to the floor. That left her sitting only a few feet from where I would fight her daughter. She was going to see in close up every move that I made on her daughter.

I soon found out that the daughter was no wrestler, she may have been a good gymnast but was clumsy and really didn't know many real wrestling moves. I threw her onto the floor and decided to have a few minutes of fun with her in front of her mother before I ended this fight in my own special way. Within a few minutes I had her pinned on her back with me sitting astride her waist facing her mom, I reached down and began to caress her inner thighs, Julie screamed out twisting furiously trying to escape from my hands, her mom was livid, cussing and swearing at me, I caught her eyes and moved my fingers upwards letting them rest on her daughters ****. The daughter started crying out begging to be let go, I shouted "no way" and started rubbing her large love bud in small circles, her mom stared at my fingers, she shouted out "you ******* *****, leave her alone". I looked at her and said "you better get used to it because your going to be next *****."

I watched the daughter squirm under me, I began to rub harder and faster her legs began to kick out wildly, her body twisting and turning under me, her mom was staring at my hand open mouthed, I watched the daughters tiny bikini digging deeper between her thick bulging ***** lips as she struggled encasing them like a second skin, it had already become soaking wet, I let my fingers dig deeper then held my wet hand up in front of her mom. I heard her gasp out "oh my god."

I reached over to my bag and spilled out the contents next to me, it was time for my next move, I heard "oh ******* hell no" from the mother as the handcuffs and **** vibrator came into view. I said  "watch your Julie real close *****." I suddenly stopped what I was doing and before the daughter could react I had her turned over on her stomach sitting on her back and was fastening her hands together behind her back with the padded handcuffs, then I quickly rolled her back over and sat astride her waist again, I picked up the **** vibrator and began to slowly tie it in place, I made sure all three strings were tight, making sure the **** vibrator was tight against her large ****, the daughter was kicking out wildly and twisting her hips furiously trying to prevent my tying it in place but it was useless, I,m very experienced at this and had it secured tightly in place within a few minutes. The mother had stopped shouting and was watching my every move, her eyes wide open, staring, I watched her heavy breathing, "oh my god" I thought  "she is getting turned on" I waited till I caught her eyes, I smiled and lifted the vibrator control up for her to see, the daughter called out "what,s she doing?" her mom called back "try to hold on as long as you can honey, don't let the ***** make you ***".

I started to move backwards keeping hold of the control as my rock hard *** got closer and closer to Julie,s face, when my tight *** was just a few inches above the daughters face I turned the **** vibrator on to its fullest setting. It had an immediate effect, the daughter cried out arching upwards, her mother shouted out "oh my god, Julie, Julie hold on baby hold on." The daughter arched furiously up and down, twisting and turning her body from side to side, her mother stared at me then at the vibrator, she was unable to help in any way calling out "hold on baby, hold on."  The daughter called back in a dry hoarse voice "I,m trying, I,m really trying."

I waited, and just as I expected, within a few minutes the daughter began groaning loudly, her hips twisting and turning as her legs began sliding alternately back and forth her heels sliding on the floor. Then her toes began to curl and stretch she pulled her knees tight together crying out "help me, please, I,m losing it, mom, mom"  her mother shouted out "I can't honey, I can't, oh my god" then her daughters hips made a few small thrusting motions, I caught the mothers eyes, I grinned, that,s what I was waiting for, I told the mother I was going to smother her daughter unconscious. As I pushed my *** slowly downwards Julie,s cries became muffled grunts, I saw and felt her take a deep breath as my *** gyrated and pushed down completely covering the daughters face. I could feel her nose pressing hard against my *** hole and her mouth was wide open under my wet bulging ***** lips. I felt my love juices flowing and knew she could taste them. Suffocating her unconscious would be a real turn on.

The mother looked at me, she was breathing real heavy, her daughter struggling wildly, twisting and turning furiously arching up and down trying to escape from under my *** and the loud buzzing **** vibe. I asked her loudly knowing her daughter could hear me "how do you like seeing your daughter being suffocated with my **** vibe tightly in place?" she looked back at the **** vibe and my *** covering her daughters face. I looked back at the mother she was sitting on the floor her hands behind her back tied to the bottom of the sofa leg just as I had left her. She had her legs bent, feet flat on the floor her knees wide apart. I looked down between her legs, she was soaking wet, the tiny bikini had ridden up tight between her muscular *** cheeks and thick ***** lips revealing how soaking wet she had become. Her head pushed back resting against the sofa then lowered again as she stared back at the **** vibe and my *** covering her daughters face. The mother kicked her legs out wide apart her *** squirming on the floor as her daughters hips began thrusting up and down and out to the sides, her legs were wide apart one of them bent right back with her foot almost touching her full tight ***.

I watched the mother staring wide eyed watching her daughter being suffocated under my ***, she was panting real hard her *** writhing on the floor, she screamed out "I can see you Julie I can see you Julie, aagghh, oh my god, not long now baby, not long now".  Her daughters hips thrust harder up and down her body bucking out wildly to each side in a wild orgasmic fury, I felt her head pushing from side to side under my ***, she bucked her hips wildly from side to side a dozen more times before arching high into the air and slumping down completely smothered out. Her mother stared at her daughter as I lifted my *** up from her face. She lay completely still, suffocated unconscious.

I walked over to the mom and knelt down, I put my hand down over her soaking wet ***** then I started talking to her, "look at your lovely daughter, her **** heaving up and down as she comes round, see her soaking wet bulging ***** lips, her legs spread wide apart, one pulled right back touching her tight hard ***, oh yeah she came in a raging ****** as she was being suffocated, the **** vibe held on to her like a vice grip.' The mom was staring at her daughter, she groaned loudly as my fingers found her ****, I whispered in her ear "do you want me to smother you out now?" she looked straight ahead and in a hoarse voice said "oh my god, she came so hard" she groaned louder as I squeezed her **** her head pushing back against the sofa. I told her "tomorrow we will fight."

I began to slowly squeeze her **** watching her *** writhing on the floor, I asked her in a soft voice "did you like watching your daughter being suffocated out that way, being suffocated while she was ******* so hard?' the mother whispered back, "yes, yes, please please, she came so ******* hard, struggling wildly like that."I looked into her eyes, our faces only inches apart, I squeezed her long exposed **** hard, rubbing the small shaft up and down, she cried out shuddering hard her legs kicking wildly back and forth, her body bending and lifting from the waist, her head pushing hard against the back of the sofa crying out loudly her eyes and mouth wide open. After a few minutes she became quiet and relaxed moaning softly, she had ***, a raging ****** consuming her completely. I whispered into her ear "that,s how your daughter felt only she couldn't cry out, her face was trapped tightly under my hard ***. You will be underneath it tomorrow."

I saw the mothers eyes open wide looking past me, the daughter was looking at us, I had forgotten all about her, now she had seen her mother ******* this way in a wild raging ******. I knew their relationship would never be the same again. I arranged to fight the mother the next day. Cindy.

The follow up to this story is.........MOTHER GOT SMOTHERED SECOND. Cindy.
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Another excellent one.

wow - I love g/g stories ..soo hot and sensual.. not like a guy with a girl . The same ..sort of , but different still.. Good times , looking forward to more of your stories.. wow , hot... sd

I'm impressed she lasted that long. The daughter gets all the fun and mommy gets to explode to her, well done Cindy in impressed. How old was the daughter and any chance you'll ever attempt ur talented move on a male... But anyways very good story lucky participants and it's nice of u to at least show them whose boss:)