Mother Got Smothered Second.


I heard the knock on my hotel door and knew who it was, Julie and her mother Joyce. They had arrived on time and I was looking forward to this smother fight with Joyce. We had arranged this fight the day before after I had wrestled Julie and smothered her out. This wouldn't take long, I was confident of that.

I was already in my tiny white thong and watched as Joyce changed, she had a tight muscular body and I stared at her long slim legs, tight hard *** lifted up high from lots of exercise. Her **** were big but firm, her nipples stood out long and straight. I already had my handcuffs and vibrator, ready in the middle of the floor, waiting to be used on Joyce, the vibrator was different from the one that I used on Julie, this one was a G spot vibe with a **** extension. Joyce looked down at the handcuffs and vibrator, she looked at me sneering, "you won't use them on me you *****". I smiled back and said "Julie will see everything". Julie had agreed to sit quiet and we decided not to tie her up like we did her mom yesterday. She would also be free to move around and get the best view possible of her mom being smothered out and falling victim to my vibrator.

The fight was over fairly quickly, just like Julie I found Joyce to be almost as bad a wrestler and I had her trapped on her stomach in minutes. Joyce screamed out "**** you *****, you ain't got me yet". She struggled wildly the whole time but with my experience it was still easy to handcuff her hands behind her, then I turned her over sitting astride her stomach and slowly inserted the G spot vibe, making sure the **** extension was over her ****. Julie looked down at her mom saying "she,s got you now mom you can,t escape", "not yet she hasn't" came back the quick reply.  It was easy to hold the vibe in place by pulling her tiny red thong she was wearing over it. Joyce didn't stop struggling the whole time, twisting and turning, her slim hard body arching up and down, I told her "she would struggle much harder once the vibrator was turned on and me sitting over her face suffocating her till she fell unconscious". That I was sure of.

I sat for a moment then turned the vibrator on to its fullest setting. Joyce cried out struggling even wilder, making wild grunting and growling sounds through her clenched teeth. She arched upwards violently trying to throw me off her as I began sliding my tight hard *** backwards towards her face. I noticed Julie breathing hard staring at her mom, watching, as I slowly began to bring this fight to its conclusion.

I heard Julie shout "oh my god mom, shes going to get you".  I watched Joyce,s hips jerk upwards a few times, her toes beginning to curl and stretch as the G spot vibrator began to work its magic on her, the **** extension was ******* back and forth buzzing loudly under her tiny thong. I turned and looked down at Joyce, "there,s no way to escape the vibrator or my suffocating *** you *****". Then I sat slowly downwards over Joyce,s face stopping all her muffled cries, gyrating my hips slowly forcing her face deep between my *** cheeks. I could feel her nose tight against my *** hole my wet bulging ***** lips pushing down hard on her wide open mouth. Joyce struggled wildly kicking out and arching high into the air pulling one of her legs right back before crashing back down to the floor. Julie suddenly screamed out " I want to see you suffocated out ******* like a ***** just like you saw me". Julie stood close watching her mothers body twisting and turning wildly from side to side as she fought desperately to get free. I could feel her head pushing right back ******* from one side to the other in a mad but futile attempt to escape from under my tight muscular ***. Then her hips began thrusting and bucking wildly out to each side as her wide open legs began sliding alternately back and forth. Her stomach was pulled right in her ribs sticking out, her chest was completely still, pushing out not moving in the slightest, her **** were rock hard and her nipples were long and hard pointing straight up. Joyce was lifting her shoulders off the floor as she turned her body wildly from side to side. She was about to fall unconscious, suffocated as she came in a huge ******. The noise of the buzzing g spot vibrator echoed loudly as the **** extension jerked back and forth over Joyce,s ****. Then her hips thrust upwards off the floor a few more time and then Joyce fell back to the floor, relaxed and completely still, suffocated unconscious. She lay there legs wide apart one of them bent half way pushed out even wider to the side her body turned slightly the other way. Her thong and inner thighs were soaking wet from her love potion. Julie stared down at her mom and uttered a long "wow".

Yes mother got smothered second, ******* in a wild frenzy in front of her daughter. I got up off Joyce,s face and heard her gasp loudly, her chest began  heaving up and down as she breathed in and out deeply. Julie groaned "oh my god mom you came so hard." I sat down next to Joyce,s hips and reached down to her soaking thong and slowly pulled my G spot vibrator from her, it was still buzzing loudly, gyrating and vibrating, the **** extension was also ******* up and down.  It had done a fantastic job. After about five minutes Joyce slowly got up and leaned on her elbows. I smiled down at her, she groaned and let her head drop back then said "oh my god, I can't believe it." Julie looked at her mom saying "it happened mom, you said she would never make you ***, its no good you getting on to me anymore, I saw everything."

After Joyce had fully recovered they left, I had left my card in both their pockets, who knows, their lives were now changed forever. Cindy.
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This is beyond me soaking wet.

Nice and If they call shot me a message of my fight with daughter

Cindy I'm impressed u should have given daughter a second ride and u might have just converted to straight women to bi and lesbian