Never Knew It Was So Much Fun

My husband and I had always shared a love for play wrestling each other. He especially likes me to pin him down. Recently I began wrestling with a neighbor gal who actually brought up the idea while we were exercising as a way of getting in shape. We have had several matches and I find myself really liking wrestling with her. We do not try and hurt each other but some of the matches have been very compettitive. Our matches always end with one of us sitting on top of the other.

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9 Responses Feb 7, 2009

Great story love to here that females love to wrestle. It is a great work out and a great way to get going in the bedroom

Awesome you women rock

Like your story

I wish I had a neighbor woman who would wrestle my wife....anbody in the Phoenix area out there?

two months befor my wife and my cousin wife wrestled for us ,they started just funny and become compettitive they both are big bonned type and tall women,it was very sexy and i cannot forget,after a tight and rough match my wife lost match,

yeah i love to playfight with women/girls so if anyone wants to chat about it id love to know your thoughts..

im in the manchester area and would love to wrestle a woman in the area...

Does wrestling against this woman turn you on?