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As a 27 year old,dancer,most people don,t relialise that secretly I wrestle,with other girls monthly..I first got interested in High School and years later still find it such a turn on,to wrestle with like fit other girls..my time secretly living out this former fantsy is so rewarding and makes me feel so sexy,,I can,t wait to do it again,,I currently have two other girls ,that wrestle me, and am looking for more , love the new experiences,and the fact that may win or lose both excite me..Judy

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that is awesome


Hi there Judy....I left you a note re: wrestling my wife. We live in Az. so not far from you. My wife is nice looking like you (blonde) and has wrestled other women previously. Respond if you are interested.

In my tinage life I use to wrestle one of my cousins she was taller than me and seems she enjoyed it too, I enjoyed mostly when she was wearng her school uniform's black tights,someimes i was sniffig her hosed foot during wrestling and that was realy awesome.

thats awesome

Hi judy im rachel and would love to wrestle you

you male or female?

I enjoy wrestling, too. I've been wrestling since my brother taught me in high school. Guys always seemed surprised that I know what I'm doing. I think it's a great way to stay in shape and have fun at the same time, especially since I'm really competitive. I'm starting to try brazilian jiu jitsu also, which is fun as well.

Nice story :) maybe someday I could experience that as well :)

But i think and its my belief that women get more satisfaction beating a man in wrestling than wrestling other women.especially women that know how to use their legs in scissor holds. and the women that know how powerful and strong their legs and know to apply scissor holds can get use men to cry,scream and beg to be released from a women's scissoring torture! some women just love to knock out men with the power of the incredible squeezing pressure!

Thanks. Love the story. Your expression of the enjoyment you get out of wrestling other attractive girls is such a turn on......Thanks for Sharing.

Thanks for sharing. I've been a fan of female wrestling for years and love hearing from the women who live out secret wrestling lives.

Whats your favorate wrestling hold judy

Hi Judy, I have loved women wrestling for years! I enjoy the struggling in prolonged wrestling holds such as camel clutch, Boston crab, and figure four leg lock to name a few. I also have the pure fantasy / fetish about the women wrestling in spiked pumps that stay on the entire match. All of this is on the much softer side if that makes any sense to you.

I would wrestle with U, but think we are to far away ! Still luv to !

I was at a pub a few years back that held hot bod contests routinely and they got a pair that competed in that to agree to duel it out in a bikinied oil match...They pitted a lightly tanned blonde cute wavy permed hair down to shoulder blade against a raven haired dark tanned girl who had a dutch boy hair cut, the contrasts really seemed to add to it. A dj there got to rub the two down and referee...he introduced the blonde gal first and she went down from a denim mini and heels to black bikini...he then introduced her opponent and she went down from t-shirt and blue jean cutoffs to silverish bikini he then proceded to rub the blonde down with oil over legs arms shoulders, back and abdomen. He then rubbed her opponent down the same way...the wrestling area was a tarp encircled with chairs and seats for patrons and spectators...I was just a few feet away. One of the funnest parts was seeing the face off at the beginning when the two bikini clad women were a few feet away on knees gazing each other down before the start. It was intense to see that part. The dj who reffed told the two that no hair pulling or punching would be allowed and that he would not let it get out of hand if it got too lopsided (an arm or headlock in which someone was in danger of getting hurt) but to have fun and really go for it and try to pindown and defeat the other girl. The shine on the contrasting skin tones looked amazing. The two neared each other just a few inches away torsos facing; the dj ref got got out a whistle and asked each girl if she was ready. The two while gazing each other broke the silence by the blonde saying 'Absolutely' and the raven haired girl saying in a confident voice...'I'm ready'. After he blew the whistle the battle was on...they leaned into each other and tried to get a grip on each other and ended up in a bear hug. They then proceded to tumble to the tarp with the dark haired girl behind the blonde and managed to get her arms from behind and gained a degree of control. The blonde worked her way free and managed to get the other girl on her back but the dark haired girl kicked and worked her way free. they managed to get ahold of each other around the shoulder with an arm while they were side to side grasping for control. Eventually the Raven haired dark complected girl gained an advantage and had the blonde thrust face first on the tarp. The blonde worked her way free, but then the other girl got her in a leglock and turned the blonde back again on her torso face and belly down and was sitting on her back, she temporarily had her by the arms. but the blonde for a second or two got her arms free and tried with a pushup motion with her arms to get the other girl off of her back. That was all to no avail because the girl on her back managed to get both hands around a shoulder and turned the blonde in a quick motion on her back...then she subsequently got a knee just on the blondes thigh over her knee a couple of inches holding her leg down so she couldn't kick free. While she was getting a leg pinned down she slid her hands from the top of her arms down to her wrists, got a leg around the other blondes leg managed to get the thigh across the blondes thigh that was facing outward. She managed to slide her torso down flat almost completely symmetrically over the blonde while tightening the grip around her wrists...A torso on torso symmetrical pindown. Then it was clear she had her pinned and nailed down and was in complete control. One gorgeous lightly tanned body facing up and an equally gorgeous dark tanned body victoriously facing down on top of it...I was a few feet away. It was intense and amazing seeing a woman hold and pindown another. The spectators began to applaud..,.After several seconds I looked up and seen the frustrated and defeated look on the blonde who was being held down...then i seen the bare back of the girl on top. and the bodies matched up near the hip and lower thigh area. You could begin to see resignation in the body and facial ex<x>pression ijn the girl underneath...She stopped squirming and her fingers flexed outward from the fists she had them in as the girl had a tight grip around her wrists.<br />
<br />
After about 20-25 seconds or what appeared to be an eternity...you could hear the blonde look up at the face of the other girl holding her down. 'Okay. Okay. You win...I give...My Wrists' Let Up' then the victorious raven haired silver bikinied gal got up and was ecstatic. She was obviously very pleased with herself. she was met with some delighted spectators who appreciately congratulated her on her performance and victory. The other girl sat up looking completely exasperated and a little embarassed. She received an applause for her effort. You could see a slight bruise developing just above her knee where the other girl held her knee during the pindown and could visibly see fingered grip marks around around her wrists. these were the markings that she had been in a struggle and lost. The girl who won was announced the winner and the girl who lost the fight received a round of applause. A moment later the winner grabbed the blondes hand and put her arm around her and said "No Hard Feelings"? the defeated girl said "You beat me fair and square"...The two did not seem to know each other going into the bout that night were clearly cordial and friendly with each other afterward...<br />
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The two appeared to be merely curious as to what it would be like and how they could fare competing against another fem; one found out what it felt like to lose and one tasted victory...They both were very good looking women who looked to be about 5'5" or 5' 6" and maybe 23-25...<br />
<br />
Blonde vs Brunette is a great sight to see close up<br />
<br />

Love this account! Thanks.

Asian Beach Girl I seen a live oil match a few years back between a lightly tanned blonde and a dark tanned raven haired gal both about 5' 5" or 5' 6" ...I told a narrative in detail of the bout to your profile. If you get a chance to get a match i hope you win!<br />
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Hello, Judy! There is a very, very active female combat scene worldwide, and the advent of the internet will only help the outright explosion that seems to be occurring now. New York City is one of the centers of this! Montreal and Toronto have a good amount of activity as well. It's growing fairly fast in much of New England as well.<br />
<br />
Brazilian Ju-Jitsu is an especially popular style among women these days. A smaller, weaker, but skilled person can win easily almost every time. At a public event I attended on Saturday January 23rd, 2010, there were five women under 140 pounds who could make 90 % of men scream within 30 seconds.<br />
<br />
Good luck in your wrestling career!<br />
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i can see how that would excite me to wrestle another women with oil on her and maybe a bikini as a outfit. that would be neat to try at least once.

I find that very understandable