Have Always Been A Fan

Since I was in junior high and saw a few quick fights in school, parks and parties -- some in which clothes would get ripped and puppies would be loose. -- And when I saw them on tv and movies, I always got a kick when i saw the fight get to the point where clothes would get ripped off. So the whole genre has manifested to the fantasy level.


as a wrestler in high school and college, we always attracted the tougher girls -- the girls who seemed sweet but who'd get into another girl's face if she pissed her off. On the team, we'd all be on the lookout on the girls who were really cute and sexy and we'd take them to a party and find ways to get them to fight. -- In time, the practice got to a point where we got the really carefree girls who didn;t mind taking off their clothes and going for it completely nude.


So suffice it to say, i seeked out all ofe material, the films, the videos and now i draw illustraed fantasy fights featuring catfights, wrestling, muscle fighting, teen fights, older vs younger -- and I even get a lot of requests for male frottage wrestling --

If you want to see what i do, go to my website


http://www.girlfightcomix.com and you'll see what i mean -- and if you have any stories, feel free to post --i'd love to get new ideas for my stories:)


ardoniart ardoniart
26-30, M
Feb 22, 2010