Can You Love Them Too Much? If You Can, Then I Do.

i think i may just like women way too much. everything about them i am often obsessed with. especially the crazy parts that make them different from me, both physically and emotionally. life simply would not be worth living without them. i don't know how men in prison survive. i don't mean just the sex, i mean all the stuff that come with them. i love their eyes, skin, smiles, hair, smell, voices, shape, hearts, minds, which all combine to drive me insane in the best possible ways. though it wasn't always so, as i have been driven mad by women in the worst ways, where i would have preferred they just pull out a knife from the kitchen drawer and gut me, but to them that would have been letting me off too easy. no, i am talking more of how i feel in general these days. ladies, i notice you everywhere you are and try and absorb everything i can about you. i notice the extra time it must have taken you to look the way you do, even those of you who say they don't care about how they look, or spend no time getting together in the morning, for i am with just such a lady. but still i see all the decisions you make or don't make, the cloths you choose, the shoes, hair up or down, makeup or not, how it all works or doesn't work together. i notice. i notice how your hearts go out when you see a doggy or kitty you think is cute, or even ugly, i notice how you tend to be more considerate of others around you. i see your beauty. i see it on your bad days as well as your good ones, i hear it in your laughter and see it in your tears. i see it in the wrinkles above your forehead when you are worried about something. i see it in your blushing when you get an unexpected compliment . i see it in your fingernails when you take such care to keep them clean and manicured and when they shredded from biting them when you are nervous or dirty after working with your hands all day. i see it in the fluid way you walk and the posture you try and maintain. you are so beautiful in all your varied shapes and sizes and all your different ages. you are so often the bearers of some of the best i see in humanity, and because of your endless caring for those around you and wanting others to get along, i have hope for all of our futures. thank you all for surviving this difficult lives many of you have been forced to lead, so that you could be a part of mine, no matter how big or small a part in my life you presently play. you are all beautiful beyond my ability to say in a single bit of writing, and i am honored to be here to witness all that you are.
CopperCoil CopperCoil
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What a beautiful post coppercoil!

Fantastic post Coppercoil ... just wonderful and beautifully put.

that is quite a tribute to women, and i agree with everything you had to say on your post.