Being a model is a lot of fun. Fun work and more fun afterwards.
The company I worked for owned a big house that it used for a studio. Some of the rooms were empty and some were full of furniture.
The cool thing was that as soon as the shoot was over, the photographer and his assistant would leave, leaving a house full of girls.
Every time, we would immediately start kissing.
One time, we had six girls ******* at the same time, on the same king sized bed.
Another time, we broke a bed we were thrashing so hard. We had to pay for it, but it was well worth it.
We shot on a lake beach one time and the guys left, leaving five of us to make love on the sand.
Damn, I miss those days.
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what sort of modeling did you do? I am curious, I would to have been a fly in the wall during the shoot and during the lesbian fun afterwards . . . .

u r a nasty ***** and people like you make this world unsafe.