Talk To Group Of Women At Will

So I went to places with my new friend. Let's call him Nick.

Nick and I are wanna be pick up artists. And we each have a couple of tricks that work.

He has multiple sex partners, which is not something that I am envious of. I just look for my special girl, and use pick up as practice.

In last few months my fears of women and sense of shame were completely gone. Now I can talk to ANY woman without feeling intimidated. Not that I can GET any of them just like that, but at least I know the first 2 minutes of the interaction would be GREAT.

I went to a pub with Nick, and the place was perfect for pick up: The way the tables were set up; The distant between groups of friends. The setting were great for my skill set.

So I opened chat with a couple of tables and a couple of girl friends. That night I also became friend with a lesbian. I asked her to be my wing girl.

When I started chatting with a table of friends, there were boyfriends in that group, but I managed to disarm them and make them feel great about my presence.

Once the guys are disarmed, the ladies were fair game. I had mega fun chatting, bantering, and even flirting with the ladies. (not the taken ones, but the ones who are single. Soon even the taken ones won't be off limit as my skill increase)

We did mind reading game, shared my past love stories, my future plans, and they told me who and who in the group was single (it was like they were letting me choose which one to take)... They were so happy that they won't let me go.

We have multiple threads of conversation, and they enjoyed the fun BS that I showered onto them.

It was a great night. The first time I reached the mile stone of being able to open a group of strangers and stay there to lead a fun group interaction for 15-20 minutes (probably longer that night. I milked that group for too long, instead of moving from group to group like I should have).

I had to find excuse to leave. I wanted to leave on a high note. At this point I still hadn't practiced how to isolate my target from the group (the herd) yet. I didn't want to burn the set, so I decided to leave a great memory.

My learning goal for the night had been reached---i.e. open chat with groups and stay there for a while.

Excellency Excellency
26-30, M
May 24, 2012