The Beauty Above All.

Women are that above and beyond beauty.
They're that one thing that keeps us going more than almost the air we breath. I don't believe there is any other feeling of motivation to try and be something special to them. Lots of women are beautiful, where the word itself isn't enough to describe them entirely. From head to toe. Hair, eyes, smile, voice, and all the curves in between all need their very own adjectives to describe how wonderful they are. Then when one finds that women who's beauty mirrors their personality, that is when the compliment "You're perfect" is the only suitable one anymore. When the say jump we say how high. Us guys want to make you girls happy, we want you too see something in us, and finally we want to be special to you more than you know. Some of us more than others give it 110%. All for what?? Your smile =) There is almost no better gift. Many of you are shy and it takes someone to break the barrier to find the girl hiding behind it. We want to break that barrier no matte what it take.

Also notice we ask for nothing in return! When you smile that is good enough for us if you speak that is extra, a hug a bonus, we don't ask for anything in return sometimes the nonverbal responses are good enough to get us through the day, That is how I see it mainly. I love doing those little things for ladies. I really do. I used to do sweet little things for girls who I liked. I would get Valentine's day cards for them and write really sweet things. I used to write some poetry for girls who made my day, all that had to do was be themselves, didn't have to do anything special, they were special as is. Some of us they drive us nuts. Like I said I don't believe there is any other emotional pull stronger than the feeling toward a woman.
My thoughts completely =)
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Oct 1, 2012