Double Take..

Some ladies...

They can stop everything thought in your mind at times. When you truly see someone who is so eye catching that you lose focus on everything else. It has happened to me from time to time. Where I could just stare deeply into her eyes and almost melt away inside. That is when words become my enemy. They leave me when I need them the most. These feelings can keep someone up for hours just the thought of them. With some of these young ladies God has really outdone himself to the highest point. It has hit me more than once where I see an eye catching smile or just a pair of eyes that glare at me(in a nice way) and I am stunned. Purely speechless. I love how I can say these things, but I wish I had a girl to convey these things to that special one. That would be the best thing I could ever ask for.

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Oct 18, 2012