As Opposed To Loving Men

I do love men but I also love women. Those two things are so very different to me. Almost in opposition to one another, as in how can I do both?

A bisexual woman understands better than anyone, I think, the sharp contrast between sex with a man and sex with a woman. Utterly strangely unlike each other in almost every way. At least to me.

Men are so very agressive, driven by such urgent hungers, with that primal need to dominate, to possess, to control, so barbaric and savage, venting their powerful lust upon a woman, ravaging her, demanding her submission, forcing her to surrender to their seduction. Without surrender, there can be no seduction with a man. He must flood you with his potent seed, render you his eager *** ****, possess you, fill you, own you. Mmmmmmmm, oh I do so love it.

But a woman, is something else entirely. Much more about how bodies in space are drawn together, than about domination. Much more like flowers with their petals brushing against one another as they sway in the wind. So sensual. So tenderly mutual. So gentle and with such a different pace. It is amazing how two such different paths can lead that same orgasmic delight. Equally pleasureable, equally powerful, and yet so foreign to one another. Oh my, how I love being with a woman.

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So true!

You could not have described the differences any better and I can't think of anything that could possibly be added to it. Wonderfully done.

Just confirmed a "massage" series of sessions with this masseur that fits the bill of non aggressive- He almost turned me completely gay in the first session.


Thank you so very much for your sweet praise. Warm Kisses,


I suppose that there are very effiminate men who have a softer, tender, sensual approach to another man. I never really thought about it.

OH I so have noticed the difference just in ****. I love to watch two women lovingly and tenderly taking their time to kiss and kiss and kiss some more before letting their fingers travel. How I wish to see more of that in gay ****-it seems 99 and 44/100th's % aggressiveness. The closest I have come to that is with some beautiful TS ladies-usually the ones that go on for the full change over. My mind right now being on one such lady that I will have to write about.

Yes, those T-girls can be very feminine, can't they? It adds to the illusion and I suppose fuels their own fantasies.