Her First Time....

A great time in NYC when I met a young girl who has never experienced lesbian sex before and I taught her all about it.

I landed my first job in NYC after graduating college. I was so happy to have left home and now begin my life as a sexy and independent young woman.

I had had numerous boyfriends, one night stands and “randoms” in the past, and although I loved **** I also had found myself becoming more and more curious about women. In my search to figure out what exactly my feelings for women were I had had a few encounters with girls my age which exposed my love of ***** as well.

As I moved into the city now and got my own place I longed to meet new women to begin more sexual relationships with.
I met Natalie at the park when I was walking my dog. I immediately was attracted to her stunning looks. She had long hair that was jet black and she had innocent looking blue eyes with luscious lips and olive skin. Her body was a lot like mine athletic & big ****. Just looking at her body made me wet and I wanted to get to know her right away.
I was a very confident brunette with short hair and a flat stomach, full breasts and tight ***. I approached her as she walked by and struck up conversation, asking her for directions.

We soon became friends, talking more often and hanging out occasionally in our spare time. Although our relationship remained friendly within the first few weeks I knew she caught me looking the times I snuck a peek at her **** and round tight ***.
One night we had been walking back to my place after dinner when it began to rain heavily. We made it back to my apartment but we were both soaking wet.
Once we got through the front door I began peeling off my wet clothes, not at all self conscious of my body.
Natalie watched with uncertainty, not sure weather she should join me or keep her wet clothes on.
I was in my bra in panties when I noticed the shy look on her face. She was peeking at my D cup **** and my pink thong.
"Aren't you going to change Natalie?"
She looked at me shyly and shook her head.
"C'mon I know your not self conscious. I know you have a very sexy body. You want me to help?"
I reached down and pulled up her shirt which clung to her large **** and nipples which had grown hard in the cold rain.
She was wearing a plain black bra that covered her **** barely and I was impressed in her sexy lingerie. But I continued and unbuttoned her jeans, letting them fall to her ankles. She was wearing tiny little black panties. I was so hot looking at her tight body that I couldn't help myself, I reached up and began rubbing my ****.
"W-What are you doing?" She asked, shocked.
"Im sorry." I said, "Your just so sexy I cant help myself. I love your **** Natalie. I bet you have nice nipples. Do you want to see mine."
She blushed but I knew she wanted to see my **** just as badly as I wanted to see hers. The thought alone of her looking at me naked made my ***** hot, and I could feel myself soaking my pink thong in my juices.
She nodded shyly, but as I reached to take off my bra she stopped me. "Let me!" she said.
She pulled down both of my straps then undid the clasp in the back. My **** jiggled out of my bra and they were now exposed to Natalie completely.

"They're so big. And your nipples look so hard," she said, looking at my **** hungrily.

"Can I taste them?" she added in the most innocent voice.
I nodded, speechless that she had even asked.

"How can I make you feel good? What do you want me to do with your ****? Ive never played with another girl before," she said sweetly.

"I love it when my nipples are rubbed like this," I said, and took her hand, placing on my hard nipple and massaging it."Ahh... yes just like that Natalie. Now lick them, and suck on my nipples."
She did so, lowering her head to take my erect nipple in her mouth. She sucked on both of them like a baby hungry for milk.

"Im so hot for you Natalie. Take your clothes off so we can both play with each other."
She nodded and we both took our remaining clothes off. Her **** looked delicious. And tasted even better as I took each one in my mouth.

"I want to taste your ***** too, show me how Christina."
We went to my bedroom and I laid on the bed and spread my legs. I spread my ***** lips apart with my fingers and played with my ****, showing her how horny it made me.

Then I told her she could also lick my **** and *******, and finger them if she liked.
She lowered her head and began licking and sucking on my ****. I moaned and put my hand on the back of her head, pulling her in closer. She fingered my ***** while lapping at my **** with her tongue.

"Oh Natalie that's so good!" I screamed. "Stick your tongue out!" I ordered, and she did as she was told.
I began humping her face and pressed her tongue against me more by pushing her head farther into me. I came on her face and she licked up all of my ***, wiping me clean.

"You taste so good. But now I'm horny too. Licking your ***** made me drip all over my self. She spread her legs to show me how her wet ***** had dripped all over her thighs.
"I can fix that," I said.
I spread my legs as well and put one of hers over mine, so our ******* were now kissing each other. I began moving my hips and grinding my ***** against hers. Her **** bounced as we grinded against each other, milking each others *******. I began humping her even faster and we held onto each others arms so that we could be closer.
We both came in unison and when we pulled our ******* apart we both covered in each others juices. We laid in each others arms and squished our tittes together, kissing. "So what do you think of ***** Natalie?"
"I love it Christina, and I love your tight little ***** especially," she said, smiling.

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Jan 15, 2013