A Lot of Them Anyway

What's not to love about them? They look nice, feel nice, smell nice and some of them even are nice people! The ladies i have met on EP are some of the most wonderful people i've ever talked to even though i'm pretty sure if any of them had met me in real life first they wouldn't even know i existed LOL. There is such a wide variety of women here as well. You have the ones who are more serious and the ones who are playful and some who are just downright naughty and i love them all. I can comment on several womens stories and one minute i can be talking about somethng serious such as cancer or various other issues of the day the next i might be talking about squirrels taking over the world and a few seconds later i can be discussing whether or not i like the taste of a womans mommy parts LOL.

All of the ladies i talk to on here are wonderful people and i appreciate you all very much. Thanks for being nice to an old (and sometimes dirty) man. 

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Just when I thought EP had found a home for mewold

LOL, thanks Pedro!

me neither LOL

uhm in case you haven't noticed i am somewhat obsessed with women i can virtually guarantee i would get aroused my friend. i would probably end up spending the whole time excusing myself and going into hiding LOL

Try going nude because the fear of being seen by others nude is only in your head. Nudists accept others however they look. As for getting aroused by seeing a woman nude, that is highly unlikely but not impossible. If it should happen, you will not be the first or the last, but you just excuse yourself until the situation returns to normal. However, when you see others nude, it is like it is everyday but with no clothes. It is not erotic or anything like that!

Tender i don't think you have any lack of guys being nice to you hun either here or in real life (probably too many sometimes LOL)

in that case i am sure we would get along LOL <br />
<br />
though i have thought about trying going to a place where i could try the nude thing but i have 2 things stopping me 1. fear of others seeing me nude 2. getting aroused by seeing nude women (which i understand is poor etiquette in these places LOL

Rick, I would highly doubt we would meet in conditions I could be nude since it it so verboten in society. So not to worry we can talk clothed.

needit, what you said about how us women are done in the "real world" can be quite true. couldn't have said it better myself. you do tend to put up walls because of your experiences. but it feels good to be able to let them down a bit at a time. scary maybe but nice still.

I agree with your observations about the EP ladies. This is a wonderful place to really get to listen, to hear womens truest deepest thoughts. <br />
It's too bad it is only that way on an anon. forum. But I suspect women are hit on, judged, superficially evaluated so often in the "real world" that their denfensive walls are so often unbreachable.<br />
It's such a pleasure to see those walls come down here and get to meet so many wonderful interesting women.

i generally don't have a problem talking to guys nude (although i never tried talking to a nude guy that might be different LOL) there is no pressure in talking to guys....generally if people talk to me they like me but women generally don't let me get that far in real life

some of us ladies have that problem too. after u get burned so much, u quit playing with matches.

well thats probably true....i don't handle rejection well so i never approach women anymore

If a person walks up to me confidently I give them the time of day until they prove otherwise, most do not. I am sure that if we met prior to our self exposure and confessions here, that we could have met struck up a relationship and who knows if we would get to be good friends or just acquaintances. You have more than you give yourself credit for and if you think positive then positive things will start to happen (not all at once, but slowly but surely). :-)

well i think that's probably a two way street. you probably wouldn't have approached me either, no?

yes now you would but if we had met first in the real world it would be a different story

we love and appreciate you too, rick. and if i met you in person, i would give you the time of day.


<i>"whether or not i like the taste of a womans mommy parts LOL"</i><br />
<br />
Hey.....that's about my question!!!! hehehe!!! :-)

yeah i'm pretty funny......looking anyway LOL

hahahahaa, you are too funny! :-)

if you have to ask you are to young to know LOL

Hey Rick, what is a woman's mommy parts? LOL ;-p