I Love Ladies

I love the ladies....not too young n not too old.  granted age really doesn't matter to me much, it is all based on maturaty and personality that gets me going.  you can be 20 and have the intalect of a 20 year old and that is a major turn on, or you could be 40 with an intalect of a 20 year old and that just don't fly with me.  I love a woman that is more butch than any thing, but if you have a great personality and can win my heart ofver and make me melt like putty in your hands than you can be femme or butch.  i love a woman that has a great personality.  good hygine is a major plus for me too, hunny u gotta have all your teeth and be clean all the way around.  ages between 20 n 40 are good, looks aren't that important as the personality to me, cuz well i'm not that hot, so i wouldn't expect my lady to be drop dead gourges. 

well thats a lil bout what i like in a woman...i'm fallin asleep here so i gotta go.

luv ya all,


laidbackcat28 laidbackcat28
26-30, F
Jan 28, 2007