The Goddesses

Where does one even begin with this? you hear about a lot of men screwing around messing up good relationships with great women who would gladly stick by their man through thick and thin, and my a** sweats everyday to make sure that what little money I can put into the billing expenses ensures that my family doesn't have to worry about the food not coming in or the electricity going off, or my a** being hauled off to jail for missing a bond payment, and I can't even begin to hope for a nice girl to come my way and give me some form of companionship. But almost every man I know can somehow work their magic and get with a good-looking woman (save for one man who's with one woman who is starting to show signs of apathy while he fawns over one who is having troubles with her baby-daddy). I would gladly and happily kiss the feet of any girl who would put up with me the way some girls do with some of these so-called "men" nowadays.


I love women in all her forms and glory. Whether you are tall and lanky or petite and flat-chested. You can be as bald as the tummy of a newborn baby, or have hair going all the way to your a**. You can be stacked like a brick-house, or you can be skinny like a runway model. You can have skin as dark as the night sky, or as pale the moon. I doesn't matter to me. I'm not saying that I love all types of women, but I'm not picky in terms of figure and skin tone. What I do look for might be different from what most men are after.


1.) Scent. The scent of a woman is very powerful and intoxicating to me. I love a woman who smells like beauty. Many a time I've subtly bowed my head close to the hair of a woman to catch a glimpse of her scent, and I've almost always never been disappointed. I can still smell some of those lingering scents on my nostrils.


2.) Eyes. Eyes see; from the colors of the skies to the faintest of memories that lurk beneath the surface of our minds, eyes see all. Last thing I care to see from my woman are eyes that show only death and utter sorrow. If I wanted to look into eyes signifying those emotions, I'll go look at pictures of poor starving kids of the world. I've seen beautiful brown eyes that make me smile every time I've looked into them, to the bluest of eyes that held promises of Heaven itself.


3.) Hair. No I would not mind my partner being bald (had an ex once ask me that). I would still kiss her head even f it was barren of that beautiful aspect of Woman. But I don't want my woman letting her hair going to s***. I wouldn't want to wake up with my face buried in a pile of unkempt hair that had God knows what lurking in it. As picky as I might sound, I don't go for blonds as much as a majority of men do, but if she has smarts and a warm and honest smile and sincere heart that is always truthful and honest, then hair becomes unimportant to me.


4.) Intelligence. Basically, if you don't have it going on up there, you lose points with me. I don't need my woman to be a genius, but I would like for her to be able to keep up a little with me and remain open-minded about some things, unless it be over sharing our bodies with others; then no. Hell no. F*** NO!  


5.) Heart. She has to care for others. It's not always about yourself in Life. I've learned that the hard way and the best way. It is so much more satisfying to help others than it is to help myself. I know I will be taken care of; don't ask how I just know that for some reason I have God looking out for me. Can't understand it, but I worry about helping others more than finding out the answer to that. I want a woman by my side that is willing to put others before herself and help people who need what we have.


and lastly


6.) Family. I come from a family of 5 children, with two more siblings my father fathered residing in different areas of the U.S. I don't want to be the father of an only child. I want to raise a big family, though that might sound absurd in this day and age. But it is want I want. Maybe five, or six.



I might sound picky, or prejudiced, but I won't lose no sleep at night if you don't like this. I love big women, skinny women. Black women, Asian women, White women. All women are beautiful....well, most women are. There are some who are loose hussies or tramps, or that little snappy b**** that thinks she's hot s*** in a champagne glass.


the point is, I love women. And what man wouldn't, save for gay people? And even they love women; if only in different fashion, I think.

JollyDevittaRoger JollyDevittaRoger
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3 Responses Apr 10, 2009

Awwww. I'm waiting for the flood of women giving you their numbers and email addresses. lol.

Oh lucifer! I love this story. I'll personally find you a girlfriend if you don't have one

You just outlined your perfect woman? I thought you just said all women are beautiful.<br />
As far as I'm concerned what lies beneath is of the utmost importance, the rest is just a facade.