Women Are Meant to Be Loved

There is no ideal woman. If she has a form of guitar, it is good, but the weight doesn’t really matter, it depends what the eyes are looking for. Each person has a different view of an ideal woman, what matters is the fascination to touch, to hug, to caress and to love a woman. The ideal proportions of a woman's body could be: curves, place to hold and feminine. This class of body is noticed in a fraction of second, no doubt. The thin women, who walk on the catwalk, follow the tendency drawn by fashion designers and society. Their fashions are straight and without forms and they attack the body of normal people, the body they hate because they can not have ideal model.

There is nothing more irresistible beauty in a woman than the femininity, the sweetness, the elegance and the good treatment, but also a good heart and soul. They are equivalent to thousand "viagras". They deserve to be treated like a queen and respected .

The young women are lovely and they have their special way, but the "older" ones are like true strong plates, not easy to break. Old means mature and still worth to cross the ocean to be with. The skirts were invented to show the magnificent legs... To hide these legs is like to have the best sofa packed in the loft. The body changes, it grows and they are beautiful still. Some lines in the face features or some belly's stretch marks, but it doesn't mean they take the beauty away. They are proof of battles, witnesses of what they did in their lives, experiences for the eternity…like the sun that shines more everyday. This is the law of the nature. Woman is one of the best creations in this world, easy to love!



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6 Responses Jun 28, 2009

i agree with your story competley.... i always treat them like queens heh, unless they do something wrong to me...

; )

Wow again!<br />
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Another lovely enriching story from our Princess of poetry

every word is so true. thanks this is lovely.

This is just beautiful , just enjoyed so much .. xxxo cAnDy

Well written. Thanks