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How To Make Love To A Woman's Breasts

A woman's breast is filled with nerve endings and is one of the most sensitive areas to touch. If the woman's breasts are well manipulated and stimulated, they could leave a woman ready for the best of *******. But not every breast is the same, therefore they don't all respond in the same way to different stimuli, it is clear though, that they are really sensitive, akin to a man's testicles.

Size does not matter. Small breasted women have all the same nerve endings as do large breasted women.

Touching the breasts properly enhances successful intercourse, due to the fact that the libido rises up to high levels. The breasts are closely connected to the clitoris, that's the reason why a good stimulation of the breast easily prepares the woman for an ******. I can almost *** just from having someone make love to my breasts.

The key is to gently carress and pamper. Not ony with the hands but also sucking, licking, nibbling softly. Start at the base of the breast, rotating around the breasts and then work your way inward in ever smaller circles toward the nipple, licking, kissing, sucking, so that by the time you reach the nipple she is alive with excitement.

To caress the breasts properly, use a soft movement of your hands (use your palms) over and under the nipple. The nipples will become engorged with blood, swelling, stiffening, growing erect like tiny *****, begging for attention. Carress and play with the nipples using the tips of your fingers. Take the nipple between your thumb and forefinger, rubbing softly. Some women enjoy if you pull on the nipples, or push them inside the areolas or even, that you twist or pinch them. Many inexperienced men think that twisting a woman's nipple like a radio dial is a turn on but that usually not effective. Pay close attention to what a woman says or the signals that she sends you, with her breathing, her movements or by the way she moans. Empower her to tell you what she likes, mapping her breasts and her nipples so that you know what feels good to her.

Don't focus only on her nipples, but rather make love to the entire breast is a whole. Take the time to show the breasts the importance they deserve, causing them to glow warmly. Some women enjoy it when you take their entire breast inside your mouth and suck, lick, swirl your tongue over it, lash your tongue across it. Some women enjoy when you nurse upon their nipples the way an infant would suckle them, using your lips and tongue to gently milk them. And don't forget to alternate between the breasts, not leaving either breast neglected or under stimulated.

A woman must feel that you enjoy making love to her breasts, and can detect if you merely do it out of a sense of obligation or because you feel you have to do it. Like most things in life, the one who does it best, is the one who truly enjoys doing it.

Alternate the speed of your stimulation but remember how sensitive the breasts are. Like a man's testicles, the breasts can be a source of intense pain, so be gentle. Women love to have their breasts stimulated but if you get overly excited and get too rough or too agressive, then it will hurt her and the mood will be broken. Communication is fundamental at every moment and it is important to ask or talk to her about what turns her on, the way she likes to be caress and touch. It is ok to let her know that you want to please her.
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Thank you so very much. Warm Kisses.

No! Warm, kissing, licking, and warm and wet prolonged suckling session to you! We seem to have lot of the same mutual interests! Please be safe out there!

Great information. It is sometimes hard not to focus on the nipples, but like you say the entire breast desires and deserves attention ... which I make a point to do. Thank you for your post!

The entire breast is filled with very sensitive nerve endings, not just the nipples. I love it when a man lingers on my nippless too, but that is like the cherry on top of a delicious desert.

I think its important for men to be aware that they need to be gentle, not rough please. Refrain from hard pinching or biting, this really hurts and kills the mood. I agree with these tips, breasts are extremely sensitive and the pleasure is immense if they are er handled properly.

I saved a copy of this story, Zoe.

Glad you found it useful

I love playing with my wife's breasts, but she doesn't care for it unless she is already aroused. At least that is what she says.

many times I get the same response from my wife - she is ticklish all over, which makes it very difficult sometimes to get her warmed and aroused without breaking the mood by hitting a tickle spot.

Well, just like you guys, no two women are exactly the same, and what works for one woman does not always work exactly the same for the next woman. But I love it that you are empowering your women to talk to you and to tell what they like and don't like. It is wonderful that you listen and try to please her. Communication is the key to excellent sex play. I sometimes think that women translate their insecurity with getting overly aroused and losing control into certain objections. But if a man is able to reassure her, empower her, make her feel completely safe and at ease, then those objections will often fade over time. A woman must feel able to shed her inhibitions and let herself go without any fear of belittlement, reprisal, scorn or ridicule. She must feel absolutely accepted and loved if you want her to get in touch with her inner **** and become the wanton, sensual, sexual goddess you so desire in her.

Good tips.

good tips regarding the nips............ love breasts