No Panties

There seem to be a ton of people here, either the female that likes going out without panites and showing off, and most of the time they have a spouse that likes them to show off.  This doesn't really do it for me.  My wife can get hot at most any time and has had a history of leaving stains on her dresses from pre ***.  When she get hot, the juice literally runs down her leg.  Plus I am a leg man, so I like to see all of the leg and I can see that with or without panites.  I like the short skirt with panty look.  Leave something to my imagination, the situation is hotter that way.

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
56-60, M
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

i would love to see her juice running down her leg...would even volunteer to clean her leg with my tongue...panties or not