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i love a woman with some pretty feet i have a bad footfetish. What really turn me on is pretty legs and a woman that has her toes polished, and she can win me overany time.
feetfreak feetfreak 31-35, M 6 Responses Jul 13, 2007

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mee too. but i love to take photo of my wife feet and toes with high heel

Hey, there's no such thing as a bad foot fetish! What other body part can you legally expose anywhere, anytime. We're so fortunate, especially in the south, to get toe flashed almost all year long...

man i also love girl's feet and i like to *** on them

man i also love girl's feet and i like to *** on them


Brother, I understand how you feel. My current gf doesn't feel the same. I tell her that I want to show her how I feel through giving her a foot rub but she won't This is some whacked out **** to be talking about but the next woman that wants some attention paid to her feet will certainly not be disappointed.