Sexy Long Toes

I love looking at sexy women's feet in NYC. During the summer, women wear nice sandals which show off their feet. I look at them and wish I can suck on their toes.

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4 Responses Jul 1, 2009

I love the whole flip-flop craze, whenever I see a good looking woman, my eyes always go down to feet level. If they have ugly shoes, that's the end of it.

I enjoy looking at girl's feet. I love long, sexy toes, with or without pedicures. When I work in NYC I look at women's bare feet in sandals and feel like licking them. I wish I could bend down, sniff a girl's feet, and ask if I could suck her toes. It makes me very aroused and hard to think of this. My penis tingling right now and I feel like squeezing my balls, caressing my *** cleft, sticking a ***** up my ***, and ******* on my ****.

Me too! I know this black girl at work that has perfect feet with long toes. We've become friends and when I asked her if I could give her a foot massage she siad yes. She came over after work one day and her feet were hot and sweaty...and super SOFT! I licked ond sucked her toes for 30 mins. I was in heaven! She come over often for these massages and has let me photograph them. Recently she has started giving me foot jobs with her soft feet.

I have the same feelings - love the summer and love looking at sexy legs and feet. Nothing like a well pedicured pair of feet with brightly painted toe nails to give me a hard on and make my mouth water in anticipation of licking and sucking those toes.