My Mom's And My Sister's Feet Started It For Me

I have  very strong foot, leg, nylon stocking/pantyhose, and high heeled shoe fetishes. I have had thease ever since I was a young boy. I blame this on my mom having super sexy looking legs and feet. I used to love going into her closet and sniffing and licking the insides of her sexy high heeled shoes. That made me so hard, it was unbelievable.

then when I was a teenager, I started noticing my sister had even sexier legs than mom's (mom's were still a close second). I used to sneak into my sister's room and sniff and lick the insides of her high heeled shoes daily. I could never get enough, between her and mom.

I remember being absolutely paralyzed by arousal by seeing my mom's super sexy, gorgeous beautiful legs in her stockings (RHT), or pantyhose, and high heels. She wore a pair of navy blue sling back pumps with a 3 or so inch heel that just set me a fire with desire. I used to play with mom's pantyhose and high heels daily, and loved it. Wow, it still gets me going just thinking of those best legs.

My sister's legs were just as paralyzing to me. I used to stare at them any time she wore a short skirt, pantyhose, and high heels. Seeing her toenails painted sexy red or pink still drives me wild with desire to this day. How I wpould love to massage, lick, and kiss every square inch of my sister's gorgeous legs ans feet. I could do that all night long. I would gladly be her foot and leg slave any time. I wish she would make me that!

All through my preteen years all my fanatasies were about mom and her supper sexy legs and feet. I had way too many to count. All ended up with me massaging, licking, kissing, and worshipping my mom's ultrasexy legs and feet! In my teen years, all my fantasies were about mom or my sister. Between those two and their super beautiful legs and feet, not a day went by I did not have a serious wet dream, a very erotic fantasy, or was totally stunned by the sight of their legs or feet. Lots of wa****g off as a teen and adult over them both!!

While in my adult years I have grown to appreciate a sexy pair of legs or a beautiful pair of feet on many other lovely women, many I do not even know. I see them around town, etc. These always give me a thrill, as you can imagine. Asexy pair of legs (especially encased in pantyhose or nylon stockings), and or a pretty pair of feet, in heels, or ankle bracelets, or toe rings, etc, gets me going in a big way. I am totally stunned and can barely think or speak while I am staring at their legs and or feet. I try not to be obvious, but it is tough. While they do give me that strong reaction, the reaction still cannot match the strength of reaction I have when I saw mom's sexy legs and feet, or saw or still see my ultra sexy sister's beautiful, gorgeous legs and very lovely feet.

My vote for best, most sexiest legs and feet goes to my sister. My vote for second best, most sexiest legs and feet goes to my mom. Any other beautiful legs and feet on pretty women will fall somewhere on the chart after their's always.

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HI Buddy, After reading your story, I would love nothing more than seeing pics of your mums and sisters legs and feet!
IS this a possibility to share?

What a sexy hot story!!!

I soooo can relate to this sweetie...started for me watching mom and grandmom trying to start there old cars in heels and sandals while trying to get to work.....hope we chat!

I adore sexy legs and more of sexy feet in high heels too. I remember I have been stunned a few times when I saw them. The thrill it gave to me is unbelievable strong. Thanks for sharing your fantasy. Can you add me please?


If you would have had the chance would you have had intercourse with your mom or sister.

Thank you for all comments so far. I am in agreement with all of them.<br />
Thank you for reading the story and commenting.<br />
Have a fantastic day all of you.

you should have hump your moms legs or *** on them

Can you show you mother?? Oh...i also like my mom legs)))

I'll bet that if you would have told your sister about your fetish and what you would have done for her...expecially about wanting to be her slave, she would have loved being your sexy mistress, feeding you her feet and legs to lick! You missed your chance there!