Just a Thought,

God set upon me loves perfect storm

My vessel has sunk beneath darkening waves of passion and desire

Breath taken from me as light dims above


I must die before your purity is revealed

Before your intoxicating scent revives my soul

Before I may feel every seductive curve


Drank in your untamed spirit

Only to become drunk with wonder

I became blind to what may be


My heart new only what if when time began

I felt unworthy to walk within your ora

God parted time to allow me this chance


To ***** my life of worthless possessions

A pilgrim on a thousand year journey to find you

I sacrifice my self to only look upon you one final time


Sail on an endless sea

Fight storms of doubt

Only your touch calms these waves


Waves break on unspoiled beaches

I crawl from these dark days

Lift my head and see what life has given my tired soul


Given to the depths all my sins

Released my wants to time

All is gone


Light brings me back to you

I breath in you presence

Sleep in peace with your memory upon my heart


All comes back to loves perfect storm

I see through all to lay eyes on your unbreakable spirit

I kiss your hand for the first time


Walk with me on this journey

Be blind to what may be

Sail into this perfect storm as we fight for love and life


Simple love can create endless dreams

I fade to times ravenous appetite

Yet you will always be my guide


Love can not be owned or lost

Love finds those who do not seek it during these dark storms

Love will breathe life into our sails

Part uncertain futures in unrelenting gales

My compass is set and I will never be lost again.


Librastar Librastar
36-40, M
Mar 9, 2009